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Thursday, December 03, 2015 - 07:29 PM UTC
Dragon had announced on December 3rd that they have acquired a license to produce Star Wars products. What the means in kits or anything else has yet to be announced.
As they put it "We have some research to do". As news does come in regards to new kits, we'll report them here.
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With Dragon's experience making dolls and movable joints, I wonder how they will apply that experience to making Star Wars kits. Note that the AMT AT-AT's legs could really only be positioned in one standing pose (all four feet flat) or else the AT-AT would topple over if one leg was up in the air. The actual ILM prop used stop-motion legs where I believe the legs were adjusted with screws and an Allen Wrench and hence the prop legs could be posed in many ways without the AT-AT tipping over because there were screws holding the joints tight. The AMT's AT-AT had a rubber band going through the segmented neck. It rarely held the head at any angle. I do hope that the Dragon AT-AT's neck could swivel the head in any direction without losing its angle due to gravity. Again, there are a lot of movable joints on the AT-AT and it will be interesting to see how Dragon engineers these areas. Will the doors open? Will there be an interior? Do the cheek lasers swivel? Can the legs kneel?
DEC 09, 2015 - 12:36 AM
It just surprises me that Dragon is getting a late start on this and missing the release date and Holidays. Likewise, I'm surprised Disney would let it go so late without having any model deal done and ready to ship. It seems like every other commercial on television and every other online ad is for the movie or some product tie-in. In the past half hour I've seen Star Wars used to market Subway and an ISP. I guess the production company could have clamped down on the vehicles and such, just to prevent any thing from leaking...even with a new kit announcement. So they may have kept Dragon in the dark until right now. Same logic, Dragon may be further along with the kit development than we think. I agree. If they don't have the kits available then the next best thing would be to push the hype. From the pictures I'd say it was a pure teaser picture. It's obvious as to what it is, why try to be all covert about it and not show the whole thing unless there's not much more to show. Who is to say all they had were the legs and a side panel for the body? Most of these movie items were never intended to last any amount of time. I know the prop houses will often salvage and re-purpose old props. I don't remember the name, there was a short-lived series on SyFy about Hollywood paraphernalia. They did a show at Stan Winston's shop. It was actually pretty neat. Anyway, I think they are more conscious about it now. I agree. I'd rather them get it right...or at least try to get it right...instead of just throwing something out there. These are scale models, not Kenner toys. That said, I'll give them some leeway on the dimensions as long as they are close. As far as the drawings, I agree as well. That's why I went with the Wookiepedia image as opposed to looking for Sketchbook images. I also agree that photos and screen-grabs from the movie can be misleading. It might have been close enough for the few seconds of film time. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how Dragon handles this. Hopefully they deliver.
DEC 09, 2015 - 12:45 AM
Yeah Peter good points, i hadnt thought of how they would make an AT-AT poseable, how will they stop it from just collapsing, be ineresting to see how they tackle that for sure! Screws and wrench are a good idea but im sure id accidently over tighten one, hear a loud crack and watch my lovely model faceplant the floor I agree Alex, i dont think Disney has handled this quite as well as they could have, but Disney giving an extra licence, even this late is potentially really good for us. Dragon should have been in on this a year or two ago especially as they seem to be making the AT-AT and Falcon. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes though, maybe for some reason Dragon didnt want a licence until now, maybe they got a cheaper licence that only covers the older films? Bandai have about 20 releases or comming soon releases since 2014 LINK so are way ahead. Yes i think we will only know for sure what models are being held back so far after the film airs. Im sure Dragon read internet forums and are aware of our concerns, it would be such a missed opportunity for them to get it wrong, especially if Bandai make a really good AT-AT Dragons could be a flop, its in their interests to get it right. Exciting times ahead, i didnt think any new model kit licences would be given, maybe other model companies will get in on the action too! Edit: theres what looks like a new AT_AT in TFA trailer too!
DEC 09, 2015 - 05:33 AM
What would also be very interesting to see is HOW will Disney and Dragon sell the Star Wars model kits? I say this because the "brick and mortar" hobby shops are so few now, as are dedicated Disney and toy stores. Disney and Dragon should not just sell these Star Wars kits at the local hobby shop because the local hobby shop is an "endangered species." Will we see Dragon sell their Star Wars kits at drug stores, art stores, craft stores, video stores, trinket stores, comic book stores, doll stores, discount stores, and other smaller stores that do sell Star Wars LEGO, keychains, BB-8s, costumes, toys, figures, and other Star Wars merchandise? Disney Star Wars toys and costumes could get into many stores, but model kits often end up in the same specialized local hobby shop stores and those are disappearing pretty fast because not many movie fans visit hobby shops. Would the Disney/Dragon Star Wars model kits open up new areas and opportunities to sell them from stores that normally cater to toys and not model kits? If powerhouse Disney has the marketing vision, we may see model kits being sold in places that they're normally not. But if Disney/Dragon decides to stick with the same (disappearing) hobby shops to stock their kits, why, there may be many modelers who might never see these Star Wars kits in person. I for one know that my local hobby shop didn't stock all the Bandai or Finemolds Star Wars kits (or let alone stock any). So just because Dragon has the Star Wars license, the specter of "the kits didn't sell well so we stopped making them" still looms. It's not so much that the kits didn't sell well than WHERE did the company end up selling the kits so that buyers can SEE and FEEL them before buying them? (Out of sight is out of mind--"Hey, I didn't know there were Dragon Star Wars model kits; I never saw any at the (non-hobby shop) stores along with the Star Wars merchandise that the store sells.")
DEC 09, 2015 - 06:16 AM
Bandai license allows them to sell their kits in Japan ONLY. There is no official distribution of Bandai SW kits outside of Japan since the end of September, after Disney threatened them to revoke the license if they don't stop exporting their kit. From what I understand the Dragon license is worldwide (although I wouldn't be surprised if it excludes Japan). So comparing Bandai to Dragon kits doesn't make sense, as officially they will not compete with each other. More interesting are comparisons with Revell - it looks like Dragon and Revell will compete directly.
DEC 09, 2015 - 01:10 PM
I just had a look at Toys r us (UK) they have 3 "model kits", a dinosaur skeleton, car engine and a solar system. They are selling disney and STARS WARS toys, Micromachines TFA new star destroyer, Hasbro Reys speeder and a Disney mini AT-ST "assult walker" that i believe we havent seen yet in the new trailers. And even a remote control AT-AT. For model kits in the UK, Large "Hobby Craft" stores stock Tamiya Revel Airfix and there are real world kit stores but they do a lot of business online. The worlds moving that way, even the black friday "grab a tv or something you dont want or need" sales sold mostly online and not in store. Luckily we have video reviews and HD pictures to look at. I have a really good local Model kit/hobby/wargaming store i can pop into for evergreen/paints/glue, tools etc if i need to. But tbh i get 99% of my modeling stuff online, delivered straight to my door! And that comes from all over the world. Yes officially and in reality Bandai or their distributors dont export/sell worldwide and wont compete with Dragon. But in reality if i want a Bandai kit i will have one. So in reality it makes sense that their kits are both competing for my cash. Can you imagine if they made a Medical Frigate OMG
DEC 09, 2015 - 09:45 PM
What is going on Dragon, is this AT AT still coming? Now we have Rebel and Imperial 1/35 1/32 Scale figures on Shapeways 3D printed..... let’s go 😁
SEP 04, 2018 - 10:41 PM
Where on Shapeways have you seen 1/35 Rebel & Imperial figures? Jim
SEP 05, 2018 - 08:28 AM
I have a feeling from reading somewhere that Dragon managed to lose the Star Wars license for some reason. Considering the age of this thread, and that Dragon has made zero mention of any Star Wars kits in that time while Bandai, Revell, and Zvezda have all pumped out product suggests to me there is no 1/35 AT-At coming.
SEP 05, 2018 - 12:45 PM

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