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While the names Peach Mountain Miniatures and Agustin J. (Augie) Rodriguez may be unfamiliar to many young or new modellers, to those familiar with Augie will know that his very name is synonymous with historical accuracy and high quality sculpting and casting. And so, it is with great pleasure that we announce Augie's latest release, an accurate bust of the buccanneer known as "l’Olonnais".
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Crècy Models have recently announced the release of a new 54mm medieval figure, something a little more offbeat, a court jester.
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Drabant Miniatures have two new releases.
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Pegaso Model have recently announced their February 2008 releases. This month sees something for almost everyone in terms of scale from Pegaso, as products range from 100mm scale busts and 75mm figures to 54mm and 1/35 scale figures.
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Italian company Soldiers (Italy) has recently announced their latest Roman release, however we also bring you a sneakpeak of a forthcoming late Roman figure based on a plate by Angus McBride.
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Young Miniatures announced a new bust and a 90 mm figure release. The items will be available on 15th of February.
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UK based Bonapartes Military Miniatures have recently announced their latest addition to their range of 90mm Alan Ball range of figures.
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AC Models have announced their new bust release, a "Windtalker", US Marine, Pacific, WW2.
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Lorenzo Romeo, the owner of Romeo Models kindly informed us about February releases.
  • 200-05-02
Viktor Antonov has kindly announced us about the new releases of Ant Miniatures.
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Dan Morton & John McNenney have teamed up to form a new figure manufacturer, The Old Contemptibles.
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Michael Roberts announced a 2 figure resin vignette depicting 2 Native Americans fighting in the woods at the 1763 Battle of Bushy Run.
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Bill Love's figure company Classicae Artworks have recently announced the imminent release of Roy Hunt's award winning "Storm Child".
  • www.airbrushes.com
The latest news from The Airbrush Company Ltd.
  • TR-04-01
A new 90 mm fallschimjager figure and a "underwater" vignette kit is avaialble from Andrea Miniatures
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Ukranian model company MiniArt Models are one of the few model companies producing plastic injection kits in 1/16 (or 120mm) scale; to my knowledge MiniArt Models are, at the time of writing, the only company producing 1/16 scale plastic injection kits of historical figures. MiniArt Models have recently announced the latest such kit: a mounted Napoleonic War French Dragoon.
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Spanish historical miniature company Art Girona have recently announced a number of new pieces, including a 70mm SS Panzerschutze - a rather uncommon subject for this scale.
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Seil Models have recently announced their February releases. In addition to a new 200mm Roman bust, this month's releases includes an impressive mounted tournament knight!
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Classicae Artworks recently announced the first release in a series of works exclusive to Classicae by talented British sculptor Roy Hunt. Entitled 'Ronin', the figure depicts a Samurai warrior from the Muromachi period, c1570, who has fallen on hard times and is on the road in search of a new master.
  • 75-043_2
Pegaso Models release two new items in this month. A 75 mm Landsqueneckt and a snow puppet.
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As we announced before Yedharo Models have a new fantasy line. The first bust from this line is now available.
  • n54111
New Nemrod figures are available from Historex.
  • cuatro
Andrea Miniatures prepare to launch a 90 mm German para figure. The WW2 figure painters would like to see this one!
We were informed that the figure will be available next month.
  • DS-TW9_Advert
Time Machine Miniatures have recently announced the latest addition to their Teutoburger Series II: a fantastic scene featuring 11 figures!
  • YH1810-1
Young Miniatures will release new items at 10 January 2008. They are launching a bust and a 90 mm Viking figure which was sold out as white metal and it is reappearing in resin casting now.
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JMD Miniatures final releases for 2007 appear to have quietly slipped below the radar - well mine at least. JMD's final figure releases for 2007 included a Great War British Sergeant, and (if memory serves) the French Golden Daemon 2007 winning entry: a stunning 54mm Demonette.
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Elite Miniatures final release for 2007 appears to have quietly slipped below the radar - well mine at least. Elite's final figure for 2007, released back in November, was a 70mm white metal Conquistador during a moment of prayer, or self-reflection.
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Alexander Miniatures recently announced their final figure for 2007: an impressive looking 75mm Celtic Nobleman.
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Polish model company Adalbertus have recently announced a very unique new release: a female Polish Home Army Courier during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.
  • WS-13-03
Spanish miniature manufacturer Andrea Miniatures has recently announced their January 2008 new releases. This month, in addition to their latest Warlord Saga and Pin Up series additions, sees Andrea cover a variety of themes from a somewhat fantasy based looking Saxon to Colonial Britain and early American history.
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Polish company Siskin Miniatures have recently announced their first new release for 2008: a 17th Century Cossack.
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Centauro-Line Miniatures, the model company of Markus Eckmann (HF sculpting DG host) and Ulrich Puchala, have recently announced their first release for 2008: an impressive mounted Great War Garde du Corps.
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Drabant Miniatures send us their new year message and announce their new releases. Five new figure kits and all are American Civil War related.
  • Marcomannic_Warrior01
Seil Models announce their new releases. They are launching a 75 mm Marcomannic Warrior figure kit and this is not the only piece for January! All the new figure kits include also some special additions.
Terry Martin sends us news that The Atlanta Miniature Figure Society have recently launched their new website.
  • 35-01-02-01
Viktor Antonov of ANT Miniatures has kindly announced us about their new released figure kit.
  • YM1809-6
Young Miniatures have updated their web site with a new bust.
  • ConstitutionTop
Modellers may recall seeing a few images of the USS Constitution Fighting Top Diorama in our 2007 Washington DC Show Report. We now have pleasure to inform you that the complete diorama is available in kit form from The Cutting Edge Waveform and Meteor Productions.
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Métal Modèles have recently announced the release of a new 54mm mounted Napoleonic era cavalry officer.
  • Compassion
Classicae Artworks is a new and innovative company within the world of hobbies and collectables. Classicae specialise in the historical, mythological and fantasy genres; creating figurines which they aspire bring to life in emotive and poignant vignettes, designed to tell powerful stories.

The company was the brain-child of Bill Love, who has spent a lifetime as an enthusiastic figurine modeller. He has also benefited from a successful management career within the heavy metal casting industry. Since his early retirement, he has fulfilled a life-long goal, by establishing Classicae to realise his vision and passion for miniatures.

Classicae Artworks was officially launched on Friday 14th of December 2007.
  • 54070-G
Italian manufacturer Aitna Model have recently announced their latest releases which include not only an Italian "Palvesario", but also a new 54mm Ronin.
  • S90-17d01
Italian company Soldiers (Italy) has recently announced their latest three releases, covering periods from Imperial Rome to Imperial Brtiain.
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During the XIV. International Catania Show organized by C.S.M.S - Centro Sicilia Modelismo Storica ; visitors had the oppurtunity to see the figures of Romeo Models which will be released on the first months of 2008.
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Isabel Fontegris kindly informed us about their new products for December.
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Pegaso Models have announced their new items for December. This month they are presenting really amazing pieces and the new Pegaso catalogue updated with Massimo Pasquali's face painting article .
  • RM-54-077_1
Lorenzo Romeo, the owner of Romeo Models kindly informed us about December releases.
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I would like to inform you that we have just introduced new Grenadier Bust.
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Osprey Publishing have recently announced the following figure modelling related titles, due to be released during January through March 2008.
  • CGF1391
Spanish manufacturer El Viejo Dragón Miniatures have just announced the release of two new 54mm figures from two very different eras.
  • MW-06a
PiLiPiLi Miniatures are proud to announce a new addition to the Man O War series of busts:
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