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  • fb014
Roy Hunt Miniatures have recently launched the first piece in what promises to be an exciting range of 1:7 scale converter busts, titled the 'Expressions' series.

According to Roy Hunt, owner of Roy Hunt Miniatures and KitMaker member (aka “the_Cadre”), the main purpose of this new series is to encourage modellers who are keen to develop and explore ideas but do not have the time, or perhaps find the basics of getting a head and shoulder unit finished a laborious or even un-nerving task.

Roy plans on adding many variations to this theme so hopefully there will eventually be something to suit most tastes.
  • centurion001
Lorenzo Romeo kindly informed us about one of their December releases.
  • S4-15-01
Andrea Miniatures have updated their catalouge with three new products. Almost every month we get used to see a new item from the Pin Up series and beside this an interesting vignette kit and a fantasy figure are awaiting for modelers.
  • rusagorro1
New products of Fontegris Miniatures for November.
  • YH1809-1
A bust and a Roman Imaginifer figure kits are available from Young Miniatures.
  • 54067-GR1
Aitna Model has announced new 54 mm figures. A Viking, a crusader and an Anglosaxon warrior. All for different interests.
  • zhom1A_WEB
Draconia Miniatures announced an interesting item again. This 54 mm piece will be available on the 2nd of November.
  • Spartan01
Mr. Jung, the president of Seil Models has kindly announced us about their November releases. Beside a 54 mm kit which contains two mounted figures, they are releasing a 75 mm figure and a bust.
  • 54039a_web

Here's a new release that's a little different: "Iron Jawed Angels" Women's Suffrage Movement, Washington DC, August 1918.
  • LU_CL002
La Meridiana adds to gray army figures of two symbolic personage of American history at 54 mm scale. The items are available in this month.
  • Il_crociato001
Romeo Models released two fantastic figures ; a 90 mm Crusader and a 54 mm Italian Warrior and a figure base in October.
  • 75-041-x-Net
Pegaso Models presents the pictures of their new items. Beside the 75 mm Byzantine Standard Bearer figure which has been appreciated at the shows nowadays we are enjoying also a fantastic bust.
  • C4F052
El Viejo Dragón Miniaturas announced their new items available in this month. Two new figures at 54 mm scale and two scenery kits. One of these figure kits includes a scenery kit which is also available separately.
  • S8-F46-01
Andrea Miniatures have recently updated their website with a new 90 mm figure from Classics in 90 mm series.
  • batchild1
Fontegris Miniaturas are proud to announce our new releases for October 2007. This month we release 2 more 54mm figure bases but the highlight is the release of our new 60mm "Bat Child".
  • 35-01-02-01
ANT Miniatures has recently released the first images of their forthcoming 1/35 scale modern Russian figure vignette.
  • 8261
Ademola22, the manufacturing arm of resin historical figures and busts within the Adalbertus Wojciech Bulhak company have recently announced two new releases. In addition to the eighteenth 200mm bust in their range, a young Bonaparte, Ademola22 have released their first 90mm figure - an impressive looking Polish knight at Tannenberg, the location of the Battle of Grunwald (or 1st Battle of Tannenberg) which saw the Monastic State of the Teutonic Knights decisively defeated.
  • FM_7505_G2
Frank Konetzke's figure company FK-Miniatures released a new 75mm Alan Ball Napoleonic period figure back in August 2007. Unlike many figures of this period which are represented in a more classical pose which displays uniform well, Alan Ball and Frank Konetzke have gone a more dynamic route, which is currently favoured by many modellers, with this release.
  • Leo54mm_1
A little over a week ago, Fausto Gutiérrez López's company Yedharo Models published a preview of the master of their latest 54mm figure, at that time simply titled “Spartan”. We now have the pleasure in announcing that the figure, now officially titled Spartan King is available for purchase. As noted previously the figure, in the likeness of the character Leonidas from the motion picture 300, is bound to compete with a similar offering recently announced by a rival figure company, albeit in different scales. If this figure is anything like Yedharo’s recent Spartan busts, this figure bound to be a popular release.
  • MS005-G
Italian manufacturer Aitna Model have recently announced their latest releases which include not only two dinosaur riding fantasy warriors, but also a new Stefano Borin Samurai. In this news article we also have a look at a few other recent products that Aitna have released during the year.
  • Lufbery_bust_1
The Model Cellar is well known for their range of Great War products, and thus they do not dissappoint with the announcement of a new large scale WWI pilot bust. The 1/12 scale bust is, however not the only recent release from the workbench of Mike Good. Other recent releases include a 54mm (1/32 scale) figure and a 1/6 scale bust, both of well-known WWI German pilots. Not without mention though is also 200mm WWII French Legionnaire, at Bir Hach'eim in 1942.
  • Alatriste005
Elite Miniatures present a new 75 mm figure. We have the chance to view it painted by two different masters.
  • 120-58-59-01
Viktor Antonov of ANT Miniatures from Russia has kindly informed us about their new releases, a 120 mm double figure kit and three more 54 mm kits. All white metal.
  • australien2
JMD Miniatures announce an Australian cavalry figure at 60 mm.
  • 54mm_preview
Newcomers to the figure manufacturing game, Spanish company Yedharo Models has just announced the imminent release of a new 54mm figure; Yedharo recently published a preview of the master of their latest 54mm figure, simply titled “Spartan”. The figure, in the likeness of the character Leonidas from the movie 300, is bound to compete with a similar offering recently announced by a rival figure company, albeit in different scales. If this figure is anything like Yedharo’s recent Spartan busts, this figure sure to be a very fast seller. Coincidentaly, Yedharo have just made thebox-art of the two previously released busts public.
  • archer_1_1260_3
Crècy Models have recently announced the release of two new 54mm 100 Year figures. Representing the forces of King Edward III of England at the battle of Crècy, the one figure is a newer version of the previously released French herald while the other, a Longbowman, is a new and attractive sculpture from M.Pezzotti.
  • Qin_Shihuangdi-02
We received the pictures with painted October items from Seil Models.
  • goth03
Alexander Miniatures announce their new releases. A 75 mm and a 54 mm figure, both available late September.
  • 75-040_3
As we announced before Pegaso Models have prepared for us some new figures which we were expecting them to see available in this month. Pegaso Models did not disappoint us and they've launched these items as their Semptember releases. Two 75 mm, a 54 mm and a 50 mm sized figure, all very colorful.
  • danilobook
Marco Ganghini of Best Soldiers kindly informed us about a new book by Pegaso Models official master painter Danilo Cartacci.
  • Qin_Shihuangdi01
Seil Models announced the upcoming items for October. They are presenting a bust, a 54 mm mounted figure and a 75 mm figure. We received exclusively some "more" photos of the unpainted products for Historicus Forma members.
  • YH7003-1
Young Miniatures have recently announced two new figure releases. Available from 15 September 2007, Korean Young Miniatures add to their range of award winning 1/10 scale busts. A surprising release though, is that of a new 70 mm figure by Paulo Gago: a 42nd Highland Officer.
  • SG-F131-01
Spanish manufacturer Andrea Miniatures have updated their web site with five new items.
  • hector_de_troya2-72
Ares Mythologic has announced a new 54 mm figure release.
  • 1033_full
Drabant Military Miniatures have announced two available items. Both of them are mounted.
  • 54022a_web

We have just released a new 54mm scale resin kit of one of the hardiest Union regiments to see combat during the ACU.
  • bluemoon1
These are the new Releases on September. In this month we are including new products line:
-Bookmarks and Cards
-a 2 dimensional figure kit in 54mm
  • NU_Set135
Greenhill Books in London and Casemate Publishing in the USA are jointly bringing these books back into print after some 14 years.
  • cheyenne_1
Bestsoldiers have announced a new 54 mm figure release from Soldati.
  • 75-041-Byzantine-BN
Mr. Luca Marchetti of Pegaso Models has kindly announced us about their new releases. Three of them will be available and one of them will be previewed at Euromilitaire 2007.
  • 120-56-01
Viktor Antonov has kindly announced us about the new releases of Ant Miniatures.
  • andrew
Andy Cairns of AC Models have announced their new bust release, an ANZAC infantryman at Gallipoli in 1915.
  • Cavalry03
We received from Mr. Jung the pictures of the painted figures of Seil Models' items for August. Unfortunately we have to wait for these pieces one month more. Mr. Jung says that they will be available in September.
Here is the full story of the new items with lots of pictures.
  • Maximilian4b
Rüdiger Mörmann of Golden Helmet from Germany, a sculptor and a new manufacturer of historical miniatures.
Lets take a look at his story and his products.
  • Il_crociato004
We were informed about an upcoming item of Romeo Models. It will be available two months later but I think it worths waiting!

  • 82f
Maurice Corry has kindly announced us about his new releases.

  • mg7030
Elite Miniatures have announced their latest figure release.

Mr. Jung of Seil Models has kindly send us the photos and information for the upcoming Seil items.
The figures are not painted yet but we can see the usual Seil quality from the photos.

  • YM1807-3
Young Miniatures have announced their new bust release. The item will be available at 15th of August.

Andrea Miniatures have announced their new releases available in August.