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Andrea Miniatures have announced their new items. Besides a 54 mm WW1 vignette, they are offering 4 mounted Napoleonic era figures at 30 mm scale.
New March releases from Fontegris Miniatures.
Adalbertus Miniatures have announced the new bust release of the Polish manufacturer Ademola 22.
Russian manufacturer Drabant Miniatures have announced their latest 40 mm figures releases.
Marco Ganghini of Bestsoldiers has kindly announced us about a new item released from Soldati.
Italian manufacturer Romeo Models have announced their two new 54 mm figure releases.
Military Miniatures Warehouse is proud to announce their new upcoming release, sculpted by Anders Heintz.
United Empire Miniatures have announced their latest bust release.
You may know the new February products of Pegaso Models as we published before, but they are not the only items of this month. Beside the full news story of the previous announced items we would also like to share informations for three more new items of this Italian manufacturer.
German manufacturer Sparta Modelbau comes with a new 75 mm scale figure.
As we get used to see some new and interesting items monthly from SEIL Models, they aren't dissapointing the figure modellers also in February.
Besides a 90 mm release they are offering two new 54 mm figures.
Italian manufacturer Elisena has announced a new item, recently joined in their product range.
Korean manufacturer Young Miniatures have updated their product list with two new items. Besides the well known bust items also an addition have been made to their figure range.
Polonian manufacturer Ademola22 - (who are distributed by Adalbertus Miniatures) has announced six new bust releases at 200 mm scale.
Mr. Luca Marchetti of Pegaso Models has kindly announced us about their two new figure releases.
The Model Cellar comes with an interesting subject introduced by a 200 mm bust.
Spanish manufacturer Andrea Miniatures comes with six new miniatures, all for different area of interests.
Freebooter Miniatures from Germany, have a nice collection of 30 mm miniatures for the modellers who are interested in fantasy miniatures. They have announced their new figure release and an other upcoming item.
Mr. Romeo Lorenzo from Romeo Models has kindly announced us about their upcoming figure release.
ANT Miniatures have announced their new 54 mm figure releases.
Drabant Military Miniatures have announced their new 40 mm figure releases.
Heroic Miniatures from Hungary have announced their latest figure release.
Metal Modeles have announced their new 54 mm figure release.
United Empire Miniatures have announced their latest 1/10 bust release.
Marco Ganghini of BestSoldiers has announced us about a new and limited item from CSMS, Centro Siciliano Modellismo Storico.
Michael Roberts Ltd. have announced a new 54 mm figure sculpted by Alan Ball.
Spanish company Fontegris Miniaturas have recently announced their new releases for January 2007.
Ukranian manufacturer MiniArt Models have announced their new 1:16 scale figure releases.
El Viejo Dragón Miniaturas have announced their latest bust release.
Pagan Art & Miniatures from Sweden have announced their first full figure product.
Young Miniatures have announced their latest bust release.
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SEIL Models have announced their January releases. Beside the 54 mm figures they have a nice ruin base, a horse, and an auxillary material for modellers.
Italian manufacturer La Meridiana has recently announced the following releases.
Marco Ganghini of Best Soldiers informed us about Young Miniatures new bust releases.
Spanish miniature manufacturer Andrea Miniatures has recently announced their January 2007 new releases. This month, in addition to the latest figures in their Warlord Saga and Battle series, Andrea have announced the release of a 90mm Napoleon figure in Classics serie and a Praetorian bust in the Bust Collection!
The Lost Battalion has re-released two figures for January 2007.
Elite Miniatures have announced their new 70 mm product.
Spanish manufacturer El Viejo Dragón Miniatures recently announced their latest Romanesce releases.
A reasonably new French manufacturer of First World War figures.
Ares Mythologic from Spain have announced their new releases for the coming first month of the new year.
Ant Miniatures from Russia have announced their new releases.
DES Kit has released a most unusual subject. It depicts a Civil War (ACW) surgeon, which can be painted as Union or Confederate.

The Polish manufacturer M-Model have announced their latest releases.
Italian manufacturer Aitna Model has recently announced their latest release, a nice Templar Knight figure.
Spanish manufacturer Enigma Miniatures have announced their two new fantasy items.
Le-van Quang of PiLiPiLi Miniatures has just sent us news of their latest 120mm addition: a Lakota Sioux.
Altar Modelling is a producer from Turkey. They offer a range of historical metal miniatures from Ottoman era in 25 and 28 mm. Their range of Ottoman miniatures are listed in 5 subdivisions as follows; janissaries, sipahi, deli, topçular (artillerymen), and mehter (the janissary band).
The French producer of metal figures, Metal Modeles have recently announced their new release.
Sicilian company Romeo Models have recently announced their newest additions to their marvelous range of 54mm white metal miniatures. The December 2006 releases see contributions by two HF members, one as sculptor, the other providing historical research.
Pegaso Model have recently announced their December 2006 releases. This month sees something for almost everyone in terms of scale from Pegaso.