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The Lost Battalion announced three new figures, all depicting figures from the Great War:
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The Lost Battalion announced a new release for Chicago show:
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The Lost Battalion re-releases two "oldies":
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The Lost Battalion announced their new release for January 2011:
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The Lost Battalion announced their new releases for August 2010:
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The Lost Battalion released a new bust in 200 mm.
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Lost Battalion Miniatures announced their new releases.
The Lost Battalion has re-released three new subjects for the month of May.
Scott Meyer has announced us about three new items from The Lost Battalion.
The Lost Battalion has re-released two figures for January 2007.
An new company that has thus far focused on figures and busts from the 20th and 21st centuries, The Regimental S-4 will venture into a "new" area with their upcoming release of a Swiss Landsknecht, 1515.....
A relatively new company producing large-scale figures and busts, The Regimental S-4, has just released a new bust of a modern GI serving with the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq.
The Lost Battalion, a figure company out of Stewartville, Minn. featured two new releases from their line this weekend in Chicago. Early this week, photos of both figures were posted on-line.
A New Minnesota-based company has recently released two large-scale busts of modern US figures and has itís sights set on delivering additional products focusing primarily on modern American figures.
The Lost Battalion Miniatures out of Stewartville, Minn. has a new 120MM Stockbridge Mohican on the way.