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Photoshopped Pak Dio
Alberta, Canada
Joined: March 15, 2005
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Posted: Monday, July 04, 2005 - 01:18 PM UTC
Hey all, just wanted to show you this photo. It was originally a photo of my Pak 35/36 dio I made, but I editted a lot in Photoshop to try and make it appear like an old photo. Let me know what you think

Kobenhavn, Denmark
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Posted: Monday, July 04, 2005 - 07:50 PM UTC
That looks pretty good. It certainly looks old. It would look even better if the ruin wasn't out of focus.
Victoria, Australia
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Posted: Monday, July 04, 2005 - 07:53 PM UTC
That's really neat!

Dig it!
Auckland, New Zealand
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Posted: Thursday, July 07, 2005 - 05:59 PM UTC
It looks pretty good, only real problem is one that always pops up in this kind of work, and that's depth of field issues. Here you have your foreground sharp, your background sharp, but the ruins in the mid distance are out of focus. Depth of field is linear, the bit in the middle can't be blurry if the far distance and the fore ground is sharp.

You can shoot the dio as two exposures, one focusing on the figures/gun (like you have), and then a second focusing on the ruins. Then join the in-focus part of each in photoshop. That way it will all be in focus.

I had to do just that for a book illustration. I'm currently doing the photography for our Army's new shooting book. In the section dealing with pistol shooting there is an image showing correct sight picture, with both the fore and rear sights aligned. Now it was impossible to get both the sights in focus in the one shot, so I used two exposures and joined them in photoshop.

The other option is to make your background picture look out of focus as well. Use one of the blur filters (Gaussian or smart blur).

Depth of field is always a problem in this kind of work. In reality, if you took this shot of the full size thing, the distances involved would mean nearly the whole image is sharp. It is really hard to achieve the same look in diorama photography, because as you move in very close, your depth of field becomes very small.

To ensure you get the best depth of field you can, make sure your camera lens is stopped down to the smallest aperture possible, and frame the shot quite loosely. If you pull back a little bit more than you normally would, that extra distance will increase your depth of field. If your camera is set to it's highest quality setting, and you are using the lowest ISO setting, you will be able to crop out the extra space and still get a good enough image. It is a bit of a compromise, since you don't want to frame the shot so loosely you waste all those pixels, but being a little further back helps.
Massachusetts, United States
Joined: January 20, 2005
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Posted: Friday, July 08, 2005 - 01:09 AM UTC
I think it looks really great! Listen to Phil, he brings out some great points. Produce more stuff like this, I think what you've achieved here is really good. Specially if your not a photoshop expert. We all have to start somewhere, and, by the looks of things you're about 10 light years ahead of anything that I can produce.

Cudos to you friend!!
Singapore / 新加坡
Joined: April 27, 2005
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Posted: Friday, July 08, 2005 - 03:00 AM UTC
I would have to agree that the picture looks good.
Texas, United States
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Posted: Tuesday, January 03, 2006 - 09:23 AM UTC
I know this was posted a long time ago. but I haven't logged on for awhile, so please forgive me for bring up an old topic, but I just had to say something about this.

First of all I would like to say you did a very good job at joining the two photos almost seamlessly.

[quote]Hey all, just wanted to show you this photo. It was originally a photo of my Pak 35/36 dio I made, but I editted a lot in Photoshop to try and make it appear like an old photo. Let me know what you think

You did a great job making it look old. It really looks like an old photo. The color looks really good throughout. You match the color perfectly I think.

There is only 2 things that needs to be done to make this an outstanding photo. First was is what was already been said before me. Which really does not bother me to bad. I mean a little but u could add a little (and I do mean a little) unsharp mask to the ruins, and a little blur to the background and to me the depth of field would be better, but still for me even if you left it alone and didn't do anything it is still good.

The second thing is where the ruins meet the background. The ruins edge is too harsh. I am not sure how you got rid of the background but you really should make a selection of the area you want to get rid of. The reason you want to make a selection instead of just erasing is you want you edges to have a slight feather on it so it can blend together with your new background.

You can make a selection with any number of tools laso, pen tool, magic wand, marquee tools. It doesn't matter how you make the selection just make one so you can feather it. I prefer to use the pen tool myself for selection, but that is just me. I like the control it gives me. But once you have your selection you can find feather under the drop down selections menu.

Now after you have your selection feathered you can delete, use a layer mask, erase or however you get rid of your background. If you do that your photos will blend even better than they do now.
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Posted: Thursday, January 19, 2006 - 03:39 AM UTC
hy well i am not a profesional but i like diorama
and back ground well the pic is not exelent but good
i think yu must make black and white it will be better.
and by the way i have a photo of 1/16 vignette,
who is made old by a friend of mine
i will send it to yu if yu want.
just tell me
best regards