Mary Profitt - Queen of Minis

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Historicus Forma Artist Q&A
Historicus Forma's Artist Q&A is an interview with artists of the figure modelling world. These artists may include sculptors and painters; commercial and private modellers; well-known and lesser-known artists. Whoever they may be, the artists featured in Historicus Formaís Artist Q&A are respected members of our global community; people who have influenced our world in their own way. As we honour these artists with this humble Q&A and photo feature, they honour us by sharing a piece of their world.
This time we chat to Mary Profitt, owner and painter of Hamster Cage Studios, wife, mom and a talented small scale painter who has great improvement in a short period.
about me
Iím 42 and live in Garland,Texas,USA. The best way to describe me is an energetic introvert who has been bitten by the mini bug. :) Yes, Iíve known since a child I wanted to be an artist and have been drawing and painting from age 3 but nothing has spoken to me the way these tiny little masterpieces have. I picked up my first mini January 2011 and have been mesmerized ever since. I owe this new passion to my soul mate, Rick who has been modeling and painting since 1993. He lovingly tells everyone Iím a better painter than he is although with a machining background, modeling comes second nature for him. Shortly after our reconnection Rick and I started our family making me not only a wife but a new mom.
In August 2010, we launched a painting service company called Hamster Cage Studio. In case you wonder about the name itís based on Rickís war gamming nickname, Warhamster. I just thought it was funny so I ran with it. Slowly Iíve been learning to play Warhammer 40k and seem to have a knack for rolling sixes. :)

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Some really nice minis. I like that ghostly construction (whatever it is) and the vampire throne the most.
OCT 08, 2012 - 12:04 AM