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MISSION: Between the Wars 1919-1938 Air Campaign            

  MISSION:Between the Wars 1919-1938 Air Campaign
  SCALE:1:1200 To 1:6
  START DATE:November 1st, 2007
  ENDS:April 30th, 2008
  ADDITIONAL INFO/IMAGES:Click here to view
Award Ribbon
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Between the Wars Wings
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Operational Overview
After the bloody war in Europe the conflicts did not end. Though the main combatants were attempting to rebuild, multiple other countries were steeped in evolution and revolution. Old alliances were broken. Neophyte countries emerged and with all this -aviation was not allowed to stagnate. Growing faster and faster the technologies went into warp drive. Visionaries were experimenting with all metal aircraft, higher horse power radials and inline engines. The "Brush Wars" were devouring needed equipment and none was in greater demand than the airplane.

From mail carriers to high altitude bombers , new designs were entering every phase of the "modern" world. Older designs from WWI were soldiering on in fledgling air forces around the world. Military testing facilities were designed to take what worked and incorporate it into the next generation of fighters, recon and bombers. During the period from 1919 - 1938 at least 400 short and feature length films out of Hollywood used aviation as a theme or a portion of their action sequences. One of the most notable was "King Kong."

These became the precursors to the world conflict that was still unseeen behind the horizon. Whether is was in open competition or in secret under the cover of darkness, all countries seem to have burnt he midnight oil preparing for that unspoken time. Another war was coming they could almost smell it. Like a coming storm.

The Rules and Regs
We will keep this simple. Now this will include prototypes and production machines.

1. No pulp novel fantasy birds.
2. If its real and was more than a hypothetical or more than just a set of schematics we'll go for it. From Lithuania to China, from the Kongo to Alaska, bipes, monoplanes, all metal, fabric wings, radials, to in lines, military, or civilian, from transports to mail carriers, from fighters to airliners.
3. All scales and as many as you can build.
4. BUT!!!! You have to produce an original photo image of your real bird.
5. We have eight people interested in this as is.

Contest Element
The award for this Air Campaign is in development. Everyone completing one build will receive an award. Multiple builds still only gets you one award. As H. Hughes said just before his flight of the Spruce Goose. "Everybody strapped in back there?"

Campaign Debriefing
Greetings all;
As we come to the end of this campaign, I want to add that it has been a great learning experience for me personally. In the end 17 kits were entered and several were done by two modelers inparticular. I saw resin , plastic and brass media all coming together in grand fashions. I look forward to flying with all of you gentle folk again in the near future. That sudden glint of light on your port wing is the sun set on this campaign. A snappy salute to you all, til we meet again in another Aeroscale campaign.

This is Jack Flash outbound at angels seven.


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