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OPERATION: Soldier Evolution            

  OPERATION:Soldier Evolution
  SCALE:200mm To 1:72
  START DATE:August 1st, 2009
  ENDS:December 31st, 2009
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

Sigma Epsilon Award
This award signifies this person completed Soldier Evolution Campaign by building figures representing soldiers of different eras in purpose of showing warfare evolution through ages.

Operational Overview
As the world changed through the ages so did the warfare. Soldiers went through the evolution from primitive warriors equipped with stone axes and spears through ancient Rome legionaries, medieval knights, musketeers, XX century technical revolution WWI and WWII armies to the modern time elite Special Forces equipped with newest weapons.
This campaign’s target is to present these differences in scale.

The Rules and Regs
1. Campaign is figure focused.
2. Any scale, any historical era, any nationality is allowed.
3. Each participant must build and paint at least two figures (or figure sets) showing soldiers from two (or more) different historical eras to present difference in warfare, uniforms, equipment through the ages.
4. Figures can be presented on vignette or diorama, but work must be focused on figures.
5. Figures can be mounted (i.e. soldier on a motorbike or a tank or knight on a horse) as long as the focus is on figure.
6. Figures can be shown as operating weapons or other equipment (i.e. soldiers with gun vs knights with trebuchet).
7. Figures can be shown on one stand together to show their differences or may be placed on two separate dioramas/vignettes or they may be totally stand-alone.
8. Figures may be in different scales but one-scale groups are encouraged.
9. Work must begin and be completed within the active period.
10. At least one picture of finished figures (all figures on one picture or one picture per figure) has to be submitted to campaign's gallery to complete campaign.
11. Presenting your work step by step is encouraged to increase learning value of the campaign.
12. Final entry should be posted on forum along with short description of presented figure(s) (historical background, type of unit, etc.).

Contest Element
Campaign ribbon will be awarded to each member completing at least one pair of figures (or figure sets) by the end date. No multiple awards will be granted.


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