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 Science Fiction
MISSION: Around the World            


  MISSION:Around the World
  START DATE:July 15th, 2004
  ENDS:January 15th, 2005
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

Around the World
Award for completion of the 2004 Armorama science fiction group build.

Operational Overview
This mission is designed to build a science fiction model of any planetary-bound vehicle, figure or diorama. Since Armorama's sci-fi community is relatively small and mainly comprised of modelers who build other genres and dabble in the occasional sci-fi kit, we tend to have smaller, longer running group builds.

This build is intended to keep the sci-fi builders busy in the background and to reward them with one of the coveted "campaign medals" (anyone who wants to design one, go ahead).

The Rules and Regs
Build or create a sci-fi model that is not designed for space travel. It can be a model kit or one of your own imagination. It can be based on any previous sci-fi genre or none at all. It can be atmospheric, like a Star Wars snow speeder or pod racer or ocean going, like the SeaQuest DSV or Seaview submarine. It can be a ground based vehicle like an AT-AT or even Mad Max's Ford Interceptor. Gundam robots and other ground mecha are fine as well.

I would even consider a grounded spacecraft done in a diorama setting, like a Star Trek shuttlecraft since they are normally used for planetary exploration. Dioramas are not necessary for normally planetary-based vehicles or figures.

Construction can commence at once and will end the second week of January 2005.