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In-Box Review
English Paratrooper

by: Danny Wennekes [ EAGLE ]

General thoughts

In our modeling world that is dominated by the demand for Axis models, it's a risky business for manufacturers to invest in the research and production of Allied models. It even can get very tricky when the Allied models depict special units, poses or battles. I always admire those companies that still have the guts to research and release new Allied kits.

I recently received a heads up from Pegaso Models telling me they were about to release a new English Paratrooper figure. Since British paratroopers and the battle of Arnhem are my main points of interest, I thought this kit had my name written all over it. I decided to contact the manufacturer a few days later a review sample was on my desk. Being the owner of a considerable number of British airborne figures from different manufacturers I was wondering whether or not the new Pegaso Models figure would surprise me.

the box and what's inside

The box is the standard offering from the Pegaso Models with appealing art that includes a colorful multi-angle display of the figure that is inside. Andrea Tessarini painted the figure on the box art.

Opening the box I found five parts, all in a hard and smooth surface resin :

  • The body (upper and lower body in one piece)

  • The head

  • The left arm pointing

  • The right arm holding a Sten Gun (Mark V)

  • A Sprue holding the Sten's magazine and ... even a chin strap !

  • All the items are perfectly cast. There were no air bubbles or dents and everything is in a perfect shape. There were only two things I noticed : a seam between the legs that can easily be removed by sanding and a tiny piece of resin that had broken off from the tail flap on the back of the Denison smock. A small amount of putty can solve this. Since it was broken during transport I can't hold the manufacturer responsible for this little accident.

    The Figure

    The figure, sculpted by Tony Williams, depicts a British paratrooper in an action pose. He is pointing at something in the distance and the look on his young face is quite alive. I really like the young guy’s face as it really is the face of an average WWII paratrooper -- young and innocent and soon to be hardened by battle.

    Unlike many other airborne figures, this figure has no other web gear than the Sten bandoleer. Being different from the majority of airborne figures increases the opportunity for use with those other figures in a vignette or diorama. He can be an active part of the composition because his equipment differs from the others.

    The arms fit nicely to the body. A tiny bit of glue or putty can be used to smooth down the area where both parts meet. When you look at how the head fits to the body, you'll find that this is absolute perfection.


    The detail on the figure and the equipment is awesome. It is much better than most of the airborne figures I own. The pockets, Sten bandoleer, shoes, the chinstrap are all very crisp and have nice sharp edges. The figure also has the rank insignia of a sergeant on his arms and he even wears the Parachute Wing. This Parachute Wing on the upper right arm is tiny, but is very detailed. When you look at other paratrooper figures, you'll find that this little detail is rarely there. To show the difference with some other Paratrooper figures, I added two "group photos". From left to right, on the top group shot, you see figures of : Resicast, Pegaso Models (white Metal), Hornet and Verlinden.


    As we all know, we have figures that are small and figures that are large. I'm not going to debate on what's the best size. A lot (too much ?? ) has been said about that and things are just the way they are. What I can say about it is this: when I compare the figure with the figures of Hornet and Verlinden, it is a bit smaller. I wouldn’t advise builders to use the Hornet and Verlinden figures in a diorama with this Pegaso figure since the difference in size is too big to look right.

    On the other hand, the figure has about the same size as the Resicast figures, making it very suitable to be together with them in a diorama or vignette.

    The Final Verdict

    I always had a number one manufacturer when it came to British paratrooper figures. I thought they where top notch as it came to detail and pose. But with the release of this Pegaso Models figure, my favorite manufacturer moved to second place.

    I think this newly released model is, in my humble opinion, the best paratrooper in this scale that is on the market today. I don't say it IS the best out there, because we all are allowed to have a different taste, but if I had to choose the best British Paratrooper figure, this one would definitely get my vote for being number one.

    In a market that is dominated by Axis subjects it's always great fun to find a new allied figure, specially when it's this quality.

    Highly recommended !!

    I would like to thank Pegaso Models for providing the review sample.
    Pegaso Models recently released an English Paratrooper figure and if I had to choose the best British Paratrooper figure, this one would definately get my vote for number one.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 1:35
      Mfg. ID: PT-020
      Suggested Retail: € 12.50
      PUBLISHED: Nov 06, 2005
      NATIONALITY: United Kingdom
      THIS REVIEWER: 83.33%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 86.09%

    Our Thanks to Pegaso Models!
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