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In-Box Review
A Sniper in Bush (The Vietnam War)

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]


As we have said again, Seil Models is not very old Company in the Figure Business, and is located in Korea. But all their releases show that they have a plan to stay high for many years.
The figure we will put under scope here is the 54mm SH 54004 A Sniper in Bush - Vietnam War.

Historical Notes

Marine Corps. Sniper

Marine snipers were the most astonishing true markmen. Each time they emerged from the jungle having done their duty. They endured incredible dangers and hardships for their country and their corps. And their missions made themselves a legend in the brotherhood Marines.

The figure depicts a 3rd Marine corps. division sniper with a heavy barrel model 70 Winchester mounting the 8 power Unertl telescope.

The kit

Seil Models boxing is one of the most impressive ones, I have ever seen in figures. Outside we find a nice cover with the box art picture in front. The color that company has chosen for their boxes is the gray and the paper of the cover is a nice glossy one.

When you take this out, you reveal a hard carton black box, with Seil’s logo outside with Golden lettering. The whole box is so sturdy and good looking that u will surely keep it after u build the figure for storing parts and other figures. Its so good looking that could possibly used for a present !!!
Inside 2 thick sheets of foam protect in the maximum the white metal pieces from anything bad.

As we can read on the front cover the figure was sculpted by Tomas Castano (Armorama member) and high skilled and also experienced sculptor for many years. Painting of boxart has been done by Liu Song Hui

One thing that I have noticed on Seil’s figures boxing, is that they don’t include some sort of a leaflet with the usual brief historical reference, and some picture of the finished – painted figure as a guide.

The truth is that if someone browses their site, will find not 1, or 2 but six different angle pictures that make a complete painting guide. And all other information you need for the figure. So no problem with that.


11 pieces of white metal make this beautiful figure

  • Torso and head.

  • 2 feet sited

  • Left and right arm with the shooters rifle

  • Helmet

  • 2 pieces for spare rifle

  • Piece of equipment

  • Piece for ground base

  • rock for base .

  • Part of a tree for base

  • A Photo etched sheet of 2 different kinds of tropical leaves for decoration of the base

    Quality and Detail

    This was not the first figure of Seil Models that saw in flesh, but still, every time I open a Seil Models Box I am really impressed with the shiny metal I face and the clean smooth surface of the figure

    The white metal quality is very high, and the casting is also in very high level.
    I examined pretty carefully all the parts and in every detail. Some “ghost” traces of molding lines disappeared with the first touch of the blade . No filling or any improvement will be needed as the sculptor and the production line have done thei work perfectly. Just a pet with some steel wool and some bath in mild detergent and is ready to prime.

    Sculpted Detail is really crisp and clear. All parts are nicely detailed and show that extra attention have been paid to folds and creases and all other points of interest.
    Face is looking nice , from a young soldier , and the pose of the shooteris pretty natural and realistic.
    I have here to say , after discussing it with experienced sculptors , that the part that is made of the two arms holding the rifle and the way is “cutted” shows the endless experience of Tomas Castano, and the inspiration he puts into his figures. I don’t think I have seen a similar part in any other figure.

    Dry Fit – Test

    I posed the pieces without Blue tack or anything and …they just sit where they have to sit ! Perfect match with no filling or correcting anything. That’s all . See it it the pictures the figure after 20 minutes preparation is ready for painting . Something that I will perform in coming week !


    The figure is easy to paint speaking of colors and details , head and unclothed arms will demand extra care cause will play the eyecatcher’s role in this one. I consider it an easy figure to paint and the perfect sculpting will lead the painter. Just take care in shadows of the chest and feet that are partially covering each other in the pose the sniper has.

    Conclusion – Final Verdict

    Its about time u paint a SEIL Models figure. Enjoy the surface and the clarity of lines and details.Even if you are not a fan of the Vietnam Era this one is a different figure and u will like to have it in the show case.

    Highly Recommended
    One of the finest Vietnam figures you have ever seen. Perfect quality , nice pose , lots of accesories
      DETAIL - QUALITY:95%
      POSE - THEME:50%
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 54mm
      Mfg. ID: SM54004
      Suggested Retail: 24.00 EUR
      PUBLISHED: Nov 25, 2005
      NATIONALITY: United States
      THIS REVIEWER: 88.76%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 90.67%

    Our Thanks to Seil Models!
    This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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    I started modelling 27 years ago with some 1/72 planes and military vehicles. Soon the diorama bug got into me and with Sheperd Paynes books I dug in. I loved to build dioramas and military vehicles till the Vietnam Era. I don't like modern stuff so much. 4 years ago I had a crush on figure painti...

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