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In-Box Review
Private 1st Bn. 50th Regt Corunna 1809

by: Andy Herbert [ HERBERTA ]

This is a resin figure in Wolf Miniatures' small range of non-World War 2 figures. The figure represents a private in the 50th West Kent Regiment in Corunna in 1809. This was a siege during the penninsular war. The figure is presented as some poor sod freezing on sentry duty or the like.The figure on the box cover is painted with yellow facings, which is incorrect according to an insert in the box. On that insert, the facings of the West Kent regt are said to be black. I didn't do any research, and went with the black! The photo provided on the Hornet and Wolf website has the black facings.

The molding is very nice, and fit of the parts is excellent. All of it is resin except for the musket, which is metal. The figure is molded in three parts, the right and left arms (with both hands molded onto one arm, so posing is easy), and the rest is one piece. The gear is molded in place, and very well detailed. There is a slim piece of resin for a base. Of little use on it's own, I used some putty to fix the resin base to a wood base. The musket in my kit was supplied without the covers for the muzzle and mechanism that are portrayed in the photo.*

The figure's pose is excellent. The figure's head is covered in a scarf under his shako, so there's just a face and hands to paint flesh! Oh, and his toes!!!!!! The figure is portrayed with his feet swathed in rags. The figure looks pretty miserable, and is posed similarly to a few other WW2 Eastern Front types in the Wolf range (cold guy, standing, blowing on hands).

The detail of the uniform is very good, and I have posted in progress photos on the MSN group. Cleanup was a breeze, and the figure was a pleasure to assemble and paint. I painted the face and most of the uniform before adding the arms. Easier to get at the detail. I drilled out the barrel of the musket, and made the musket sling from paper.

Problems? One biggie. This guy represents a trooper without boots, but his uniform is molded in near perfect condition. The trousers have a patch represented on them, but the hems are fine, and have clear pleats as shown in the photo. Once I finished painting him this looked really wrong. My solution has been to weather his kit and trousers somewhat, but I think the trousers should be much more ragged. The figure portrayed on my kit box looks like the one in the kit. The updated photo on Wolf's site looks different, and more bedraggled. A dedicated modeller could change the look of the uniform, but I didn't! This figure was meant as a painting excercise for me! My rating reflects this contradiction between the hard campaigning and near mint uniform.

The figure loses points for this 'too neat' appearance, but I still highly recommend this kit! I like painting troops in action or on campaign, and thus far, figures like this are a minority among the Napoleonics. I'm not keen on those parade ground uniforms that are so common on these figures. This figure was a nice change from khaki, field grey and olive drab!!

*The figure portrayed on Wolf's website looks a little different from the one I got. Perhaps the mold has been changed/updated?
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: WNGB02
  Suggested Retail: $12
  Related Link: Hornet & Wolf Website
  PUBLISHED: Feb 06, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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