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In-Box Review
Officer of Cuirassiers 1807

by: Andy Herbert [ HERBERTA ]

I bought this figure a little while ago when I saw it advertised. I bought directly from Andrea, because I needed a replacement piece for another figure. I thought the pose was good, and upon receiving the box I was very pleased!
Contents and Quality

The figure is white metal, and the box contained a base, and the figure comprising several pieces. The arms are separate, with the right arm holding the sword, and left arm holding the scabbard. The plume, spurs, and a little piece for the top of the helmet come separate. The rest of the officer is one casting. The molding is excellent. I cleaned him up last night. There are almost no seams to clean up (inner thighs, and around the hips. The detail looks great, and I can't wait to paint this guy!!
Fit and Finish

I started fitting the figure together as I cleaned him up. The scabbard is molded with straps attached, and these are easy to bend in place. There are no instructions, but the back of the box shows numerous detail photos as an assembly and painting guide. The arms are molded with epaulettes etc in place. They plug into the armholes of the cuirasse (chest plate). The fit is excellent! I will be able to paint the arms, sword, scabbard etc in their entirety, then plug them into the rest of the figure! This will make it easier to get at all the parts, and should help get a clean border between the armor and the colored cloth (name??) that fits between the jacket and the cuirasse. The spurs and other parts are well detailed, and I'll assemble all but the arms before painting.

I will be assembling the rest tonight or tomorrow, and I plan to use this figure as part of the current Campaign.The figure appears slender in build, with a big bulky cuirasse. That seems appropriate. The armor should look bulky IMHO. The face is well detailed, and I look forward to working on this figure a lot!!This is one of the best figures I've seen. I REALLY like it. The picture does not lie!!
Another well-detailed figure from Andrea.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: S7F23
  Suggested Retail: 14 Euros
  Related Link: Andrea's site (English)
  PUBLISHED: Feb 05, 2003

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