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In-Box Review
Lieutenant of the Confederate Artillery, 1862

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]


One of the late releases from Romeo models is the Confederate Artillery Lieutenant sculpted from Maurizio Bruno . The master sculptor of Napoleonic figures proves that his surgical clean sculpting style can produce many different eras nice figures. So this is one more review of a Romeo Kit figure, I have to remind once again to fellow readers that Italian Romeo is almost a “sister” company of also Italian Pegaso. That means that they “share “ great sculptors, casting quality ,and control for their products . They also produce different figures ofcourse but with great interest both . So I hope these figures that are reviewd from Romeo will introduce you to their nice range of Miniatures.

Back to the miniature, under scope , is RM 54 – 51 CSA Leutenant of Artillery Regiment 1862.The ACW (American Civil War) has always been a nice and interesting theme for miniature companies. Romeo is not an exception and gives us here a top example of this

The kit

A blue colored box with 2 white thick foam sheets , holds pretty safely all 9 white metal pieces of the figure. The quality of the metal parts is really very high, with smooth surface, and almost no cleaning need , than a pet with the fine steel wool to polish the figure.

A single sheet of paper holds bilingual (English and Italian) historical text by Ricardo Carrabino (that I transferred here for your information) and also a very detailed and accurate paint guide, piece by piece


  • The Torso with feet
  • Left arm -hand
  • Right arm – hand
  • Sword
  • Binoculars case
  • Head with cap
  • Pistol case
  • decorative fringes
  • Small Round Base

    Quality and Detail

    The pose is nice with the left hand resting on the sword handle and the right hand holding the binoculars. It offers a pretty good looking figure , that combined with the nice uniform coloration is that with a nice nature representation will be a gem .

    The Sculpture detail is very nice , and that was expected since we talk of Maurizio Bruno . Very clean lines, nice detail on all pieces pieces , face with the appropriate era look and the officers some strict look. . Nothing more , nothing less than you need to say that “This figure is really good !”

    Material - metal – is very good, the surface is pretty smooth and clean almost polished !

    Thin molding line but not on detail area is there, so a few minutes effort with stel wool will get it off and also will enhance the already good stuff you get . Then some washing in bath with a mild detergent – water mix to make it as clean as it gets before priming.


    This is not a very easy figure to paint .You have to achieve specific uniform colors that need lot of shading and highlighting to really show it off. Red colored parts will enhance the total picture and the leather equipment bits as white gloves or cases will complete it .This figure will need patience and some time to get a nice result . Maurizio’s fine sculpting and the separation of pieces of the figure will help a lot .

    Color combinations and choices are fixed and you get the information from the historical text of the information sheet , or go to some of the countless research sources for this era .

    Some dirt and grass or plants ground setup, and maybe some part of fence would be enough .This is a figure that I would not bother to make some extreme base for

    Conclusion – Final Verdict

    One more nice figure from Italian Romeo Models , that brings the company closest to the top leading brands of figure making. Very high quality of metal , casting, and Maurizio Bruno signing. That’s a good pack for sure. You also have the Pegaso Quality guarantee in the so named release line of the Company !

    Highly Recommended

    Historical Notes

    The American Civil war started on the 13th April, 1861 when at half past four the Confederate artillery started to bomb Fort Surnter a Union fortress in the territory of Charleston . The garrison surrendered after thirty hours of bombing. The welfare and survival of the South depended on agriculture and therefore on the work of black slaves. Slavery represented an obstacle to the progress of' the industrialized States of the North and the colonies of the West. When Abraham Lincoln was elected the South requested the separation from the free States of the North. In February 1861 in Alabama a Confederation of Southern States was formed and its President became Jefferson Davis. The fratricide war lasted until the 9th April 1865 when the South surrendered unconditionally. The figurine represents a lieutenant of' the Southern Artillery. He wears a uniform as per an ordinance of the 6th June 1861 according to which the officers had to wear a grey redingote with length between the hip and the knee. On both arms it shows golden braiding fastened in Austrian knots. The chepi is red French Model with golden braiding on the top in the shape of four leaves. The sash is red with golden fringed end and it is fastened below the belt. The trousers are light blue wide leg with red side stripe. The only defensive weapon assigned to the artillery foot soldier was a sword. The epaulettes were eliminated in 1862 for two reasons, firstly because they were typical of the Union Army, secondly because the enemy could easily identify Officers during battle. The buttons of which four were at the back of the jacket were gilt.
    Historical research and translation : Riccardo Carrabino
    Text from Romeo Models Web Site

    A nice Civil War figure from Romeo Models, sculpted by Kitmaker Network member Maurizio Bruno
      THEME - POSE:88%
      DETAIL - QUALITY:89%
      PACKING - INFO:90%
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 54mm
      Mfg. ID: RM 54-51
      Suggested Retail: 23.50 EUR
      PUBLISHED: Jan 30, 2006
      NATIONALITY: United States
      THIS REVIEWER: 88.76%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 92.18%

    Our Thanks to Romeo Models!
    This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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