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In-Box Review
Welcome to England

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]


Korean Seil Model’s range of figures in 54mm covers some interesting vigniettes. One of them that we will review here is titled “Welcome to England “ and presents a WWII scene , where an English farmer has captures a Luftwaffe pilot that has probably his plane down and he has been saved . there is also a small boy watching the scene

SM 54006 from Seil Model is the above described scene consistedfrom3 figures
Sculpting is signed here from the well known high skilled and pretty much experienced sculptor Spanish Tomas Castano – Armorama member.

The kit

As I have told before Seil is probably the company with the best packing in miniature world. So a well sized for the occasion black sturdy hard carton box, with 2 thick dark grey sheets of protective foam hold all 8! Pieces .7 white metal pieces and a resin base . Outside of this a dark glossy paper sleeve with 3 different pictures of the painted boxart, from Wang Yang Ynag & Sheng Yan makes the final wrapping. Whenever you open a Seil Model figure kit you are amazed by the shiny metal surface of all pieces . The quality of the metal parts is really in top standards, with smooth surface, and no cleaning need , than a pet with the fine steel wool to polish even more the figure. No moldlines here.

There is no paper sheet included with printed photographs are there are 3 of them on the package and more on the internet site of the company . Despite all this I think that Seil will have to do this in future releases to help people that might don’t have easy access to internet.


  • German Pilot in one solid block !
  • English farmer except right arm with shotgun
  • Right arm with hand and shotgun
  • pack and helmet
  • Head and rest of the body for lil boy sitting on rockin 2 pieces
  • Extra shotgun
  • One big resin base

    Quality and Detail

    The scene is nice and makes even a bit of fun. The lil kid with the toy plane in his hand ,looking at the war ace captured by his father or uncle !It definitely hassome humor

    Tomas Castano Sculpting level is high , and clean . All items are clearly defined from the others and the lines of the figure are nice. Folds and drapery where it exists is fine and smooth and the rest of the equipment and detailed pieces are really nice. Its amazing that he made it to have 3 figures with only 5 pieces. Thats pretty clever sculpting and of course experience is a big advantage to Tomas. Seil also takes the credit for casting in solid block the German guy in such a perfection

    So this is a good reason to get and paint the vigniette , Minimum pieces to use ,no preparation and assembly almost ,so you immediately start painting. Painters dream !


    All 3 figures don’t present any difficulty in painting . You have total or almost total freedom on painting the lil guy and the farmer , and there is standard painting for the pilot. You will paint without any stress and just take care to make nice degrade in colors shading and highlighting so you showoff the nicely sculpted figures
    I would definitely do something more to complete the base that the company offers adding some grass and dirt and maybe some other element like part of a fence or some tree with parachute on it !

    Conclusion – Final Verdict

    Seil never stops to amaze us with super good quality of material ,and interesting themes from skilled sculptors. This WWII vigniette from Tomas Castano is a nice mixture of military and civilian action and is welcomed, Easy to paint even for the starter will make a nice small scene to be proud of . Assembly will go nice and easy so don’t hesitate

    Highly Recommended

    A different release from SEIL Models. A complete WWII vigniette sculpted from Tomas Castano and casted in SEIL'S perfect quality
      QUALITY - DETAIL:93%
      THEME - POSE:88%
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 54mm
      Mfg. ID: SM54006
      Suggested Retail: 47.00 EUR
      PUBLISHED: Jan 30, 2006
      NATIONALITY: United Kingdom
      THIS REVIEWER: 88.76%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 90.67%

    Our Thanks to Seil Models!
    This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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