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U.S. Navy SEAL “M79 Gunner”
U.S. Navy SEAL “M79 Gunner”
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]


Legend Productions of South Korea has produced another marvelous 1/16 (120mm) scale modern U.S. Navy SEAL figure using 3D sculpting. This figure represents a modern SEa Air Land naval commando grenadier armed with a 7.62mm SCAR-Heavy with silencer and a shortened barrel and stock M79 grenade launcher. The Vietnam-era M79 is preferred because some Operators deem it more accurate over the rifle-mounted M203 and M320 grenade launchers as the iron sighting system isn’t attached to the carbine.

This figure comes with the following parts:
- Arms with molded-on elbow pads
- Head with molded on chin strap, beard, and earphones
- Radio in pouch with separate antennae and spare radio antennae nubs
- Backpack
- Large pouch
- Sig Sauer P226 pistol in holster
- MK17 7.62mm SCAR-H with right hand attached, and separate parts for forward grip, laser designator, and scope
- M79 short barrel with left hand molded on
- Ten 40mm grenades in pouches
- Three extended pistol magazine clips in pouches
- One fragmentation grenade pouch
- Three spare magazine ammo vest pouches for SCAR-H
- Two magazine ammo vest pouches with dual SCAR-H magazines inside
- Crye Precision Airframe Ballistic Helmet with separate battery pack and infra-red beacon parts
- GPNVG-18 with separate helmet attachment bracket parts
- Two Lowa Zephyr Hiking Boots
- First aid pouch
- Long pouch
- Torso with five spare SCAR-H magazines molded onto the tactical vest
- Legs with molded on kneepads, SPIE cord and D-ring carabiner, and web belt.

This figure has already been assembled and reviewed in its 1/24th scale version on Armorama.
This figure comes in a sturdy cardboard box that has a flip-up lid. The smaller parts are found in a clear sealable plastic baggie inside a black cardboard box whereas the torso and legs are separate and wrapped in bubblepaper. The 1/16th scale parts, cast in light gray resin, have crisp and clear details. I detected no casting flaws or errors and hardly any resin flash or seam lines. Some of the parts have substantial pour blocks that need to be cut away, carved, and sanded off, especially inside the helmet. Other parts, such as the NVG brackets, are small and fragile and require delicate removal. Fortunately, most of the parts have the resin pour block located at the bottom or on the gluing surfaces and not on the front face. Ample gear and ammunition is provided to equip the figure with an impressive loadout for combat at medium to close engagement ranges.
Like the other Legend Production SEAL figures, this figure wears the Crye Precision Generation 3 AOR1 or AOR2 digital camouflage uniform, Crye Precision Airframe Ballistic Helmet without helmet cover, Oakley gloves, and LBT 6094 body armor AOR1 or AOR2.
The straps, wrinkles, buckles, braided cord, and texturing look amazing; you really do get what the 3D graphics show, right down to the carabiner and cord on his waist that allow for Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction (SPIE) hook up to the thick rope dangling from the helicopter for quick vertical extraction from the scene.
The spare ammunition load of this SEAL grenadier is substantial: twelve spare SCAR-H magazines for a total of 260 rounds of 7.62x51mm, including the SCAR rifle’s own magazine, ten 40mm grenades, one fragmentation hand grenade, and three P226 extended magazine clips, not including any spare ammunition in the other pouches or inside the backpack. Thus, this SEAL figure has the weaponry for long distance, silenced fire, and Close Quarters Combat.
The pose is a running stance, ready to aim and fire the M79 right down its iron sights. The M79 itself resembles a cut-down version with the stock and barrel sawed off for better transportability and maneuverability. The shortened barrel obviously would shorten the range of the fired 40mm grenade, but for medium to close combat, that reduction in range shouldn’t present much of a problem.
The identical parts, such as the 40mm grenades in pouches and quadruple night vision goggles, look exact thanks to the use of 3D sculpting.
Legend Productions printed clear and sharp grayscale 3D instructions that are a huge help in assembling the figure. One side shows the parts layout and how to assemble them on the torso along with the helmet and night vision goggle parts assembly. The other side of the sheet shows the assembly of the major body parts and the SCAR-H’s assembly.


Legend’s 1/16th (120mm) U.S. Navy SEAL “M79 Gunner” represents a unique elite naval SEAL grenadier armed with weapons for long range, silenced, and for Close Quarters Combat. All the parts and design elements are there for nighttime combat, helicopter extraction, radio communications, identity, laser designation, aiming, firepower, and armor protection. With no visible casting flaws seen, this well-designed and amazingly 3D sculpted figure would make for an unique and interesting addition to any modern 1/16 Special Forces figure collection.

Special Thanks to Legend Productions of South Korea for the review sample.
Highs: Great details and casting quality with plenty of ammunition, gear, and the best equipment representative of the SEALs as of 2018. Pose is unique and original. Instructions are well printed and helpful.
Lows: Pour blocks attached to some areas that require careful removable in order not to damage the part.
Verdict: Legend Production’s 1/16th scale M79 Gunner makes for a valuable addition to any modern figure modeler’s collection. This is one of the best 1/16th modern U.S. Navy SEAL figure on the market today.
  Scale: 1:16
  Mfg. ID: LF3D10360
  PUBLISHED: Nov 06, 2018
  NATIONALITY: United States

Our Thanks to Legend Productions!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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