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Built Review
Battle Lord

by: Martin Ramsden [ BRANDYDOGUK ]

The parts
The kit comes in a stout box with the usual Verlinden camouflaged back and sides. The front of the box shows a built and painted kit, the photo being actual size. Inside are 26 parts which break down as follows, the head and shoulders, a stand, five armour parts, four parts for the helmet and fifteen horns. All are cast in resin and require cleaning up to some degree. No instructions/part placement guide or painting guide are included, the box top photograph is the only help in this area.

The main part, which is the head and shoulders, is beautifully cast. The facial detail is superb, with stubble depicted around the chin. Close inspection found only three faults in the casting, two of which are hidden by other parts once assembled and one small area on the side of the nose which will need a tiny amount of filler.

The face has an Asian look about it and is depicted scowling. Thankfully this figure avoids the "goofy" toothed look of some other Verlinden busts. There are three wound marks, a cut on the left chest, a cut on the right arm and a hole on the left chest, presumably an arrow wound? The two cut wounds look realistic but I'm not sure about the arrow wound, it looks more like a bullet hole to me.

Both the main head/body and the stand need cleaning up underneath, there is some flash and the bottom edges of both will need sanding to tidy them up. The top of the stand will also need sanding flat to enable the bust to sit squarely.

All the remaining parts have casting blocks to be removed although in all cases they are thin where they meet the parts so minimal sanding is required after cutting. The parts that represent the armour have a nice hammered steel look to them. A dry fit test of the larger parts shows some sanding or scraping is needed for a good fit. In all cases the detail casting is quite deep which I like.

All in all a nice kit of an interesting subject. The size of the bust is quite impressive and the detail is excellent. I would have liked the face to be slightly more expressive but that's a personal opinion rather than a criticism of the quality of the piece. I do not like the “arrow wound”, but the option is there to fill and sand it to remove if I wish. I would have liked to see an assembly/painting guide, OK it's a mythical figure but it would have been helpful to someone not used to painting armour to have some help. That said I would recommend this kit to anyone wanting to build a bust of a mythical figure.
One of a range of Verlinden busts this kit is of a "Battle Lord" warrior. Cast in resin it assembles to depict a warrior of the type seen in Conan films.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: 13.90
  Suggested Retail: £31.90
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 18, 2006

About Martin Ramsden (brandydoguk)

I've been modelling off and on for 25 years. Thanks to this site I'm really into the hobby in a big way, and although I've a long way to go my skills are definately improving.

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    1/3 scale bust painted with acrylics, enamels and oils.