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In-Box Review
Unterfeldwebell with dog, 1942-43
  • PT-028_11

by: Rudi Richardson [ TAROK ]


PT-028“Unterfeldwebell with dog, 1942-43” is a 1/35th scale resin figure sculpted by Yoshitaka Hirano. The figure is very simply portrayed in a casual stance holding a scrap of food for his begging dog. Released in June 2006, the box-art is painted by Luca Cardoselli.

The figure

PT-028 is very simply clad in service dress without any field equipment.

He wears the M1935 field grey tunic, fastening with five buttons, and provided with four pleated pockets fastened by buttoned flaps. Above the right breast pocket is sown the national emblem of an eagle clutching a wreathed swastika. He wears the older style removable shoulder straps of dark green cloth with a piping in the branch-of-service colour (white for infantry). Notably, he was been awarded the Iron Cross Second Class, which he wears proudly from his second button hole.

For leg wear he wears the field grey cloth trousers, of straight cut. Around his rather large waist, he wears a Black leather belt, with the Army’s grey painted buckle plate bearing the traditional Prussian motto ‘God With Us’ around the endorsed-wing eagle and swastika emblem.

His footwear is the black leather marching boots, or ‘dice shakers’. On his head he wears the Feldmütze field service cap with the national emblem.

As mentioned above, the Unterfeldwebell holds a scrap of food for the dog in his right hand, while in his left is the end of a cigarette.

The begging dog seems to be a Golden Retriever, and stands on it hind legs, tongue lolling, tail wagging, begging for the “treat”.

The kit

PT-028, moulded in a light grey coloured resin, comes in a kit form consisting of five pieces, three for the figure and two for the dog. The kit is packaged in a small box with the parts inside a small zip-lock bag.

The kit consists of the following pieces:

  • Full figure excluding arms
  • Left and right arms
  • Dog’s head
  • Dog’s body

    The figure proper is generally well detailed and moulded. Perhaps the most distinct feature of the figure is that it is a slightly portlier figure that we are used to.

    The jolly rounded face, which is extremely well defined, reminds me a bit of Oliver Hardy (of Laurel and Hardy). The side cap sits quite tightly on his head, and I felt at times that the border between the head and cap was not definite enough, it was a bit soft. That said, perhaps if it were more defined the cap would appear larger and the effectiveness of the round head would be lost.

    The torso and legs are well sculpted and defined. Details like the shoulder straps, collars, pockets, pleats and seams are quite crisp. The boots appear quite long, but it is possible that this is not a front line soldier and he still wears the older, taller boot (their height was slightly reduced at the end of 1939).

    There was slight flash and a fine seam between the legs, running from the crotch to the ankle on both legs. Fortunately it was light, and should not require more than a sharp blade to clear. Thankfully the casting blocks are under the soles of the boots, so no detail should be lost when parting them from the figure.

    The two arms are very similar. Both are well sculpted, with folds being in the correct places given the arm positions – one raised to shoulder height the other hanging. The hands are also nicely defined. The casting blocks are rather large and at an odd angle on the inside of the shoulder. Careful attention should be paid when removing these from the arms.

    The dog’s head is a more than fair representation of what I think is a Golden Retriever. It is very lightly textured for hair. Unfortunately the casting block is on the back of the head, and I cannot help but wonder why it was not placed under the neck. Undoubtedly they have their reasons; it would just be a pity to lose any detail.

    The dog’s torso, legs and tail all seem in proportion. It is, however, a pity that the sculptor didn’t texture the entire body. Only the legs and tail are textured. In addition to this, a mould seam runs the length on the top of the body, from neck to tail.


    The Pegaso-VLS collaborative known as Platoon has once again produced a well sculpted figure. Despite the somewhat dull pose, this jolly figure will add a quality touch to any rear lines, or kitchen, scene.

    Highs: As always top notch sculpting and quality of the figure. The jolly appearance is a bonus.
    Lows: The figure's pose is a bit lack-lustre. If only the same level of sculpting had been carried through on
    Verdict: The Pegaso-VLS collaborative known as Platoon has once again produced a well sculpted figure. Despite the somewhat dull pose, this jolly figure will add a quality touch to any rear lines, or kitchen, scene.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 1:35
      Mfg. ID: PT-028
      Suggested Retail: 11.00 EUR
      PUBLISHED: Mar 06, 2007
      NATIONALITY: Germany
      THIS REVIEWER: 85.47%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 86.09%

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