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Built Review
Greek Sicilian Hoplite
  • RM-54-55_2

by: Paul Richard Abbott [ FINGERSEDDIE ]

Historical Overview:

The model has been taken from a painting consisting of red figures on a large Attic crater, attributed to the painter of Niobidi (470-460 BC). It represents Amazons in battle, with at its centre a fight between Achilles and Penthesilea, queen of the Amazons. The vase is kept at the Regional Archaeological Museum in Agrigento, Sicily.

Achilles is shown to be wearing a Thracian helmet with crest, a muscular bivalvular cuirass and jambs, and is shown carrying a bronze shield (oplon). An interesting feature is the presence of pteruges (inguinal fringes in leather or pressed linen), that hint at an intermediate protection between the cuirass and the tunic.

This paragraph is quoted from one part of the historical text included with the figure. It also briefly suggests colours and shield devices.

Box Contents:

The figure comes in Romeo Models customary blue box, with eight white metal parts well protected between two slabs of white polyfoam. Also included is an A4 sheet of paper concerning the brief history of this figure and painting suggestions. Text is in Italian and English with an artists illustration of the image of Achilles portrayed on said Attic crater.

Figure and Parts:

The figure has been sculpted by Maurizio Bruno and consists of eight parts all very beautifully defined and sculpted, with superb filigreed decoration to the armour.

The torso and legs are all one part leaving just the arms, head and shield to be assembled, meaning that this will be a very quick assembly. The parts have minimal seam lines, and need just a light sanding, prior to assembly.

The base is nicely realised, but with minimal details.


The arm and head parts have small locating pins and fit very well to the torso ensuring a nice closed and gap free join, eliminating the need for any putty work, liquid or otherwise.

As for the assembly of the shield onto his shield arm, these parts will need to be fitted together first prior to assembling this arm to the torso.

The pins that are located behind his arm that locate with the shield, will need to be almost sanded flat because the shield has very shallow locating holes, this is in order for a perfect fit of the two parts. The cord that runs out from his grip/ fist are of perfect length and mate up perfectly with the sculpted details on the interior of the shield.

There is another point at which his arm can be cemented to the shield also, to give an even more steadfast bond of these two parts, and this is at the top of his shoulder just inside the rims edge. This also helps when fitting the arm to the torso ensuring that both pieces will not come apart due to the applied pressure in fitting this arm to the shoulder.

The fit of the crest to the helmet and the scabbard to his side are both perfect fits.

The figures feet line up nicely with the holes located in the base, even still there are gaps and these will need to be filled with small amounts of putty.

Highs: The figure has been beautifully realised, with superb attention paid to the decoration of its armour. The fit of the parts are superb too, without any misalignment.
Lows: The base could have had a little more detail, with a slightly larger surface area.
Verdict: An absolutely beautiful looking figure of a Hoplite, with superb details. One that stands out amongst the rest.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: 54-055
  Suggested Retail: 17.45 GBP
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 19, 2007
  NATIONALITY: Greece / Ελλάδα

About Paul Richard Abbott (FingersEddie)

I've been paintin' figures now ever since I was a teenager, when I used to paint figures for roleplayin' with. Sadly the roleplayin' has stopped, but the figure paintin' goes on! My other main interests are readin' the SF of Philip K Dick, Photography, Modelmakin', Motorsport, Graphic Novels and Com...

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