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Mohawk Warrior, 1755-1765
Mohawk Warrior 1755-1765 of the Iroquois League
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by: Al LaFleche [ AJLAFLECHE ]


The Mohawk were the easternmost tribe of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, occupying lands roughly along the New York/Vermont border, turning south west near Albany and heading north again north of Binghamton. Their chosen name, Kanien’kehaka translates as People of the Flint and they were considered guardians of the eastern door of the long house, a term used by the native people to describe the confederacy. During the French and Indian War, they allied primarily with the English (British and American) and remained loyal to the British during the Revolution. Some of my research suggests their traditional headdress included three feathers in a row, front to back. Today, of the Six Nations, theirs is the most populace, with almost 30,000 members in New York, Ontario and Quebec.

The Figure

The figure, sculpted by Benoit Cauchies, comes in the traditional blue Pegaso box with one full figure photo and two detail photos as painting guide. Inside are two 2-sided sheets with historical information and painting suggestions in French, German, Italian and English. Parts are sandwiched between adequate amounts of spongy foam and smaller parts are in a small plastic bag. (photo C) The figure stands at just about 59mm at the top of the head. (photo B)

The figure is garbed in leggings, and breechcloth which is a more historically accurate length than on their Iroquois figure. He is armed with a musket, neck knife and sword. He has a gorget at his neck and is holding his powder horn’s strap in his left had. The leg/torso section includes both ends of the breechcloth. Chest musculature is present but not overly “ripped.” The belts for the haversack and sword feature nice engraving to aid in painting an appropriate bead pattern. The same is true of the molded on bead pattern. (photos D and E)

The head also has a very expressive face, ear decoration detailing and braided hair. There is a rather prominent mold line on the right side of the head that will need careful attention, especially since it is on the bald part of the head. (photos F and G)

He comes with three feathers for his hair, two of which have decorations. These are all nicely textured. On the same sprue is attached the knife sheath, It, too, has good bead detailing.(photo H) The second sprue includes powder horn, sword and hair. None of these parts needs more than minimal clean up. (photo I)

The right arm (as the attached left arm) shows good muscle definition. There is a mold line running along the upper side of the right arm. This should clean up pretty easily, though. The right arm holds a well-sculpted musket with decorative tacks in the stock. (photo J) There is some flash between the left arm and torso, but this is easily cleaned up with a #11 blade.

Assembly & Painting

The right arm fit cleanly into the upper arm at an armband, hiding any seam. The head also fit neatly onto the torso. Having he neck knife as a separate part made painting the torso easier. I drilled three small holes in the head to accept the feather and superglued fine wire to their bases to make a stronger connection. The base (photo K) has two openings for the tabs under the feet, which make for a very strong fit.

I attempted body, face and arm tattoos on my example and added red face paint as well. (photo L)

The subject leaves the painter much in the way of creativity, choosing bead patterns of the neck knife sheath, the straps and the haversack. The painter is also pretty much free to choose the color and fabric of the leggings, either buckskin or trade cloth as wall as the trade cloth breechcloth.

In Closing...

This is a fine and respectful depiction of one of the natives of America’s northeast.

Highs: Interesting, casual pose, great bead and belt engraving, expressive face, good fit
Lows: The mold line on the head is problamatic in its location, other minor mold lines, minimal location holes for the feathers.
Verdict: A good figure with a lot of potential and the freeedom to paint as the builder desires.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: 54-227
  Suggested Retail: 40.95 USD
  PUBLISHED: Aug 26, 2007
  NATIONALITY: United States

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This is a great figure to try some flesh tones with - not to much not to little, nice canvas. I see using an art pen for the war paint.
AUG 26, 2007 - 01:05 AM

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