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In-Box Review
Ronin 1600
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by: Alguhan Akşar [ WAMPUM ]


A roninwas a samurai with no lord or master during the feudal period (1185–1868) of Japan. A samurai became masterless from the ruin or fall of his master (as in the case of death in a war), or after the loss of his master's favor or privilege.

The ronin example of Aitna Models is wearing a traditional dress. He carries a katana and a ninjato on his belt and handling his naginata with both hands.in.


The figure comes in Aitna Model’s blue cardboard box with a shogun emblem on it which is designed for their shogun series figures. A picture of the figure painted by Allesandro Carlino is glued on the box.

Inside the box, there is a paper sheet with color choise tips, unfortunatelly only in Italian.

Parts are placed in small plastic bags and protected.


The figure is sculpted by Salvatore Miraglia and made up of 8 white metal parts. All parts are cast clean and crisp in quite good details. There are some visible vertical seamlines and casting surpluses that can be easily cleaned with a X-acto knife or fine sandpaper.

The main parts are torso and legs casted separetely. He is not holding the naginata but has pieces of the naginata’s handle in his fists. The naginata casted together with its handle needs to be cuted from two points and must be glued to these pieces from the fists. Overall these main parts of the kit are well sculpted.

Other parts are ;

  • Head: Facial details are well defined as you can see immediately that he is from far east. The seamlines are more visible on this piece but they aren’t major defects. It represents a protrusion to be fixed in the recess made at the torso. His hairtail is cast separately and it is a very little piece. It has its place to be fixed on the head.

  • Katana and ninjata :They are sculpted and casted well, representing the nice traditional details of the handles. Although the ninjata could be little bit longer.

  • Figure base: It is simple with ground texture. There are two holes for fitting the figure on the base


    Nicely sculpted figure representing an interesting subject. The medieval Japanese subjects are always attractive because of the flexibility on painting a colorful figure. It is a standard posing figure.

    Aitna Model brings nice 54 mm metal Ronin figure on market.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 54mm
      Mfg. ID: S014
      Suggested Retail: 21.00 EUR
      PUBLISHED: Apr 08, 2008
      NATIONALITY: Japan / 日本
      THIS REVIEWER: 85.07%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 86.00%

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