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In-Box Review
Palvesario Italiano 1330
  • ait00

by: Alguhan Akşar [ WAMPUM ]


The palvesarios were the protectors of the balestrieri, crossbowmen at the front. The balestrieri were escorted by these foot soldiers which were forming a huge square shaped shield on the sides of them.

The palvesario italiano example of Aitna Models is wearing his battle dress with a leather cuirass, a chainmail glove. He carries his european style berdiche in right hand and a huge shield in his left hand.


The figure comes in standard Aitna Model’s cardboard box for the 54 mm figures. A picture of the figure painted by Allesandro Carlino is glued on the box.

Inside the box, there is a paper sheet with color choise tips, unfortunatelly only in Italian.

Parts are placed in small plastic bags and protected.


The figure is sculpted by Salvatore Miraglia and made up of 9 white metal parts. All parts are cast clean and crisp in good details. There are some visible vertical seamlines and casting surpluses that can be easily cleaned with a X-acto knife or fine sandpaper.

The main parts is body. He wears a nicely detailed leather cuirass. The porous look of casting is visible on his dress but this will look better after priming the figure. Overall this main part of the kit is well sculpted.

Other parts are ;

  • Head : Facial details and his expression are well defined. He wears a leather protection and a cap over it. It represents a protrusion to be fixed in the recess made at the body.

  • Right hand and the berdiche :They are casted together. The berdiche with iron blade is well sculpted and handled by the palvesario from its wooden shaft. It is deformed a little bit in the package (a well known problem of the spear including kits) but the shaft can be replaced using a steel rod or a brass wire if it is not possible to reshape it. The hand is garbed with a chainmail glove which is sculpted and casted in very well details. Also the holding position of the hand is very nice.

  • Left hand and shield : Left hand is holding the shield. The shield can be the eyecatching part of this figure if it will be painted with a suitable heraldy. It is very clean casted with nice details in the interior side.

  • Provision bag and the handle of the dagger : They are casted separately. The bag has an extension which represents the dagger and the handle of the dagger will be fixed into its place on the bag. These small details are well sculpted and having this handle separately fixed into its place will give a realistic look to these details.

  • Right and left arms : They have the rest of the details from his dressing, well sculpted and easily fits to hands and to the torso with the pins sculpted on them. I don’t think it will be necessary to use putty for the junctions.

  • Figure base : It is simple with ground texture. There are two holes for fitting the figure on the base


    Nicely sculpted figure representing an interesting subject. A standard posing figure, with colorful painting options on the shield. I believe Aitna Models worked and produced this figure with much enthusiasm.

    Another nice 54 mm white metal figure from Aitna Model representing an Italian Palvesario.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 54mm
      Mfg. ID: 54070
      Suggested Retail: 20.50 EUR
      PUBLISHED: Apr 09, 2008
      NATIONALITY: Italy
      THIS REVIEWER: 85.07%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 86.00%

    Our Thanks to Aitna Model!
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    About Alguhan Akşar (wampum)

    Born in 1973, Istanbul.I'm married and I have two lovely sons. As a son of a modeller I've built many aircraft models when I was just a little kid. Then by my father's suggestions I've built some sailing ships in large scales. Later my favorites were 1/35 dioramas, mostly WW2 German till I met the ...

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    Just as a sidebar note, the figure is taken straight from Plate G of Italian Militiaman, 1260-1392 (Osprey Warrior #25; ©1999), a detail of which also graces the cover of the reference. Augie
    APR 09, 2008 - 06:56 AM
    Agustin, this info will be very useful. Thanks alot.
    APR 10, 2008 - 02:27 AM
    Thanks for the review Algu. Thanks Augie. You know, I thought that figure looked familiar - I'd been referencing this particular publication for an unrelated topic... Rudi
    APR 10, 2008 - 02:36 AM

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