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In-Box Review
British 3 inch rockets.
British Rockets 3in
  • British 3 inch rockets

by: Andy Brazier [ BETHEYN ]



The 3 inch rocket was a British air to ground rocket used in the Second World War. The use of a 60 lb (27 kg) warhead gave it the alternative name of the "60 lb rocket"; the 25 lb (11.3 kg) solid-shot armour piercing variant being the "25 lb rocket". They were generally used by British fighter-bomber aircraft against targets such as tanks, trains, motor transport and buildings, and by Coastal Command and Royal Navy aircraft against U-Boats and shipping.
The Sets

2 sets of rockets are available, a high explosive and a armour piercing. Both sets are basically the same with the difference only in the type of warhead.
In the bag

Opening the seal-able bag you will find 24 grey resin parts, 1 brass P.E sheet, and 8 soft black resin fuses.
The resin parts breakdown into 8 rocket rails, 8 rockets and 8 warheads.
The rocket rails have a little clean up to do but a couple of the rails will need additional clean up as it looks as though the moulds have "leaked" into the rail recess's. Some of the rails look a little warped, but immersing into hot water should see them restored to the correct shape.
The rockets will need the moulding plugs removed but look to be nice and straight. They have moulded on the holding clamps and with the addition of the supplied P.E clamp covers should look rather good. The rockets have 4 separate P.E fins per rocket which are nice and thin. The sets also come with soft black resin fuses that hang off the rear of each rocket.
The warheads have mould plugs that will need to be removed and a little sanding will probably be required to smooth out the attachment points. The high explosive warhead has the nice bulbous look to it where the armour piercing warhead is tapered to a point. Personally the former warhead looks to be the better looking option, but you will probably find every one has added that one to their aircraft lol.
No instructions come with the sets, but with only a few parts for each rocket building them should be pretty easy.
Highs: Nicely detailed, easy to build.
Lows: A little clean up needed. Some straighting to the rocket rails needed.
Verdict: A nice couple of sets for any aircraft that can carry the British 3 inch rockets.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:32
  Mfg. ID: CV32022+CV32023
  Suggested Retail: 8.25
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  PUBLISHED: May 18, 2008
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

About Andy Brazier (betheyn)

I started modelling in the 70's with my Dad building Airfix aircraft kits. The memory of my Dad and I building and painting a Avro Lancaster on the kitchen table will always be with me. I then found a friend who enjoyed building models, and between us I think we built the entire range of 1/72 Airfi...

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  • British 3 inch rockets
  • British 3 inch rockets
  • British 3 inch rockets
  • British 3 inch rockets