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In-Box Review
Lucky Jack
Royal Navy Captain 1806 - Lucky Jack
  • Jack Aubrey Bust

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

  • YH1814-11


As it has been said before , YOUNG Miniatures from KOREA has been placed between the best selling companies lately. And that is not without a reason .The choice of themes, as well as the superb sculpting and very high quality of casting, has made YOUNG a favorite company to many modelers.

The founder Young B. Song, a superb sculptor and painter, based a lot his companies growing in busts, but also releases figures in 90 mm and 70 mm.

Here we will examine the latest bust release from Young Miniatures “Royal Navy Captain 1806” “Lucky Jack”, directly based on the Jack Aubrey character played by Russel Crow from the epic sea movie “Master and Commander ” .

This piece is sculpted by Ahn Jun Sik and the box art painted by Lee Sang Eon.

Before going on with this review I must admit that I have always hated the look of Russel Crow , for no particularly reason …

I also am not too much really in font of busts in regards with a whole figure, so this would make my critics, totally objective, and possible more strict !

The Bust (what’s in the box)

This 1/10 scale bust, comes in just 4 pieces (yes that’s paradise !). A resin cylindrical peg for mounting the bust on the base, the torso, the head, the hat. Yep that’s all !
All parts come in a yellowish resin of high quality.

Young Miniatures packaging was always among my favorites. Big size hard luxury carton box with a transparent plastic sleeve over it to protect the color picture of the box art. Inside all the pieces in thick foam sheets sandwich, are perfectly protected. This box deserves to be kept for further use definitely!

I have to add here that the box art is one amongst the best I have ever seen

Quality – Detail

As always with resin kit, the quality of material and casting plays significant role.
It has been said, over and over, for products of the same company, that the resin and the procedure of the casting gives a result of very high quality. So I inspected the material very carefully ,in all 4 parts of the kit, trying to find a small, tiny air hole, or some fault but that was not possible. Despite the big size of the pieces, the resin is casted perfectly, and compact , and I am quite sure that this will make the owner of the kit really happy.

The casting is line free, which is a pleasure. The few Casting blocks and pegs are evident, not at critical points ( such as over some fine detail ) and very easy to remove. On these specific points, some sanding will make the surface perfectly smooth and ready for priming.

Now regarding sculpting.. Well I must admit that, at the first moment I saw this bust, I said : “WOW that’s really nice looking piece” , but I thought that the painter of the box art was too good to imply some characteristics and make the face look alike Russel.

But , I was wrong ! When I received the bust , and opened the box, I got the head piece, before others, to inspect .

The sculpture is very well defined, and the characteristics of the face are perfect, achieving very high likeness (probably the best I have seen so far )with the famous actor . It is an absolutely professional work and the result is a very clean and smooth bust , that even unpainted shows the person that recreates .

From this moment on , I became a real fan of this bust . I must admit that I respect a lot Young Miniatures for their work , and this specific bust is one step above !

It seems that after Young B. Song has started to cooperate with other sculptors for his companies releases, he has really found the correct ones!

After you do this minor cleaning, you can proceed to priming and painting. It’s obvious that the head has to be painted separately, and since Ahn Jun Sik, that sculpted the figure, has done a superb job in fitting, you will not have any problem to assemble afterwards.

Painting it

Well since this bust is a recreation of a specific movie character , you really don’t have many choices regarding the painting scheme (especially the clothes, and hat)

The box art is a correct and precise recreation of the movie dressing of Jack Aubrey, so I guess most of painters (including me) will follow this one closely .

Some attention will be needed on the golden decoration trimming , as the scale is big and the result must be correct.

As a suggestion , this is a bust for all painters I guess, since the high quality, the easiness of assembly basically only 3 parts, and relatively simple painting scheme will not discourage anyone. The small bet is to keep and enhance the likeness with the actor , that the sculptor has so masterfully achieved.

This can definitely be a highlight in your showcase and of course, will be seen a lot on Show tables around the world.


For bust lovers, Cinema fans , era lovers, but in all for figure painting lovers this is a MUST HAVE bust to paint. Close to perfect quality of material and casting , nice surface and skilled sculpting will turn painting to a joy for you.
I am really in love with this piece, and will definitely be one of my priorities on the bench .

Young Miniatures proves once more why it’s a hot company on the market

Click here for additional images for this review.

Highs: Nice theme, Superb sculpting , and flawless production of the resin pieces, all packed safely . What more you need ?
Lows: Sorry..I tried but could not find any .
Verdict: This is a Must Have to my humble opinion. Would definately be a joy for every painter
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:10
  Mfg. ID: YH-1814
  Suggested Retail: 50,00 USD
  Related Link: Young Miniatures
  PUBLISHED: Dec 06, 2008
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

Our Thanks to Young Miniatures!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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