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In-Box Review
M10 Crew
U.S. Tank Destoyer M10 Crew
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by: UncaBret [ UNCABRET ]


Gaso.Line is an established French company offering full resin kits, resin conversion sets, figures and accessories in 1/48, an area of growing interest to many and one that not many AM suppliers have paid much attention to yet. These offerings are very welcome by those of us that enjoy building this scale.
This particular set is marketed for the M10 Tank Destroyer, but could easily be used on other vehicles as well.
The kit come packaged in a zip-lock bag with a color insert. There are 22 parts cast in a light grey resin, enough to make 4 figures;

•Driver torso, no head
•Standing, no head or left arm
•Sitting, no head or arms
•Sitting, no arms
•Two heads in tanker helmets
•Three heads with no headgear
•Five arms
•Two US helmets
•Two berets
•Two peaked caps
•M1 Carbine (the picture shows a Thompson SMG)

The driver and two sitting figures are wearing the Parsons jacket, trousers and leggings. Although it is entirely possible that some TD crew would wear these uniforms, it would actually be more common on infantry. The standing figure is wearing the one piece coveralls. The driver could be painted as if he were wearing coveralls, if you use a file or knife to remove the epaulettes from his jacket. The two sitting figures would also work very well with a Jeep, Deuce-and-a-half or similar vehicle.

The detail on the figures is very good; well defined and crisp. The facial expressions are well done, as are the poses. The M1 Carbine is rather fragile, I found out. One of the arms has a pair of binoculars molded into the hand for the sitting commander figure.

There is very little flash, and what there is can be very easily removed. The casing blocks are also easily removed. I have done a bit of dry fitting and have found no major problems, nothing that a gap filling cement wouldn't fix.
My overall impression is favorable, there is good detail and little flash. The only drawback is the choice of uniforms.
Highs: Very detailed, clean castings, good poses.
Lows: Uniforms are not common for TD crews.
Verdict: Would be better with tanker jackets, but still a good set.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 50361
  Suggested Retail: 16.72 Euro
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 07, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United States

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If the two sitting figures had been in 'Tanker Jackets" I would have given this set a higher %.
FEB 07, 2009 - 02:29 PM

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