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Built Review
Praga 38(t) workable tracks

by: Tim Loungeway [ TANKSHACK ]


ModelKasten has established quite a reputation as a premiere producer of workable, replacement track links for 1/35th scale models. This reputation is well deserved. The product reviewed here is a set of replacement tracks, SK-30, which are correct for use on many vehicles including the Panzer 38(t), Grille, Marder III M, Marder III H and Panzerjaeger III.

In the box you'll find a couple of bags filled with the parts that make up the tracks. Each sprue provides enough material to build four complete links of track. In addition, you get an assembly jig, and a few extra links to fill in the rather large spare track racks on your favorite kit.

ModelKasten did not design the tracks for a specific kit; instead, they tell us how to fit the tracks to each kit's parts. I have used this set of tracks on a number of kits including the Tamiya Panzerjaeger III and the Alan Grille M. In each case, the kit sprockets and idlers needed a few minor adjustments. You have the choice of using the tracks on kits from Alan, Maquette, Italeri and Tamiya. If you are not interested in modifying the kit parts, ModelKasten also makes a very nice set of idler wheels and sprockets. (A-09)

The tracks really do work and look great on the model. The sag of the track looks great and really enhances the finished model. The details of each link compare very well to pictures and drawings of the real thing. I checked the links against images of the Aberdeen vehicles and everything seems to be there.

The instructions really should be followed here. If you read them carefully, you'll find a nice technique for assembling the complete set of tracks. This is one case where you will want to pay attention the first time out. I used gel super glue to attach the tiny track pins for this build. The results were very nice. The tracks built up quickly and are very strong. The key point that I would make is try to use a very small amount of the glue. Too much glue and the tracks will not work when you are finished.

Final Notes

The box contains enough links for the tracks plus a few spares for the track brackets. The level of detail is up to the high standards of ModelKasten. I had no real problems assembling the links or painting them for that matter.
You can find these links at your local shop or online dealer.

Thanks to ModelKasten for providing the review samples.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: SK30
  Suggested Retail: 3500 yen
  Related Link: Modelkasten web site
  PUBLISHED: Jun 09, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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