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In-Box Review
German SS Grenadier-2
World War II German SS Grenadier #2
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]


Sergey Traviansky - Menelay sculpted another nice figure and Evolution Miniatures added one more to the 1:35 resin World War II German SS soldiers in winter clothing. Third figure of the series; EM-35007 represents a World War II German SS Grenadier wearing snow overwhite. As the first two figures of the series; this one can also be displayed alone or can be a part of a Eastern front vignette or diorama.


The figure comes well packed in a transparent plastic cylindiric box in 9 cm height and 7 cm.diameter. There is a colored label on the box showing the company name, product name and the photo of the assembled and painted figure. Inside the box, a high quality photo print of the painted figure from different angles is supplied and can serve as a good painting reference. Note that The company already changed the box style to rectangular cardboard box on the new products. You may see the new box style in Evolution Miniatures News.

The parts are represented with the casting blocks and inserted in a plastic zip-lock bag to avoid unexpected damages during transfer. Small parts are secured in a second plastic bag.


The figure is sculpted by Sergey Traviansky and comes in 5 medium grey resin parts; two body parts and 3 personal gear. The quality of the resin is good and details are clean. There are no air bubbles, no serious excess resin or any casting mistakes on the figure. The junctions between figure parts and casting blocks were well placed to remove the parts from the blocks without damage. There is no need for a cleanwork on the figure but a short clean-up process will be needed for the thin excess resin on accessories.Be careful when removing the rifle from the casting block as the barrel of the rifle is a fragile piece.

  • The figure is cast in one piece which makes the assembly very easy.Only the right hand is given as a seperate part. Some parts of personal gear are also cast on the figure. Facial details of the figure are well represented. He wears a tube-shaped balaclava on his head, the neck part of the balaclava can be seen on the figure. Head is covered with the hoods of the overalls. He wears front-open white color snow overall over his Waffen SS 2nd pattern winter anorak. The color of these anoraks varied from mouse gray, gray brown color and a fieldgray green. It has two pleated chest pockets and two lower pockets. The pockets have a 3-point flap. It has a 5-button front and the sleeves inside cuffs have an elastic band. The waist has a hemmed in, non-adjustable elastic band. Cloth folds of the winter overall, woolen texture on the interior of hood, torn effect on the left skirt are all well represented. The leather belt, triple leather ammo pouches named Patronentashe on both sides , entreching tool / short shovel inserted under the belt buckle and Brotbeutel - Bread bag on the back right are sculpted on the figure. A Kar98 bayonet and bayonet frogs - Seitengewehrtashe are also sculpted on the backside of left arm adjacent to the body. He wears M1942 woolen trousers and Marschstiefel- leather boots. The folds are well defined on both parts.

    Other parts are;

  • Right hand : He wears woolen gloves. The gloves have a double layered wrist cuff with white rings on the inside. Each ring indicates the size small-medium-large. The hand is posed to grab the strap of the rifle. The strap is not supplied on the box and you will need some lead foil to scratch build a gunstrap.

  • Kar 98k : It shows nice details. Note that an extra care can be needed to remove this part from casting block as the barrel is fragile.

  • Feldflasche : M 1931 canteen in canvas cover. It shows nice details and will be attached on the right side of breadbag. I advice you to glue this part after the assembly of the rifle.

  • Kochgeschirr : M 1931 mess kit. It will be attached on the left side of the breadbag.


    Another nice figure with a great sculpt and flawless casting. It can be painted in different patterns and displayed in WW II German winter vignettes and dioramas.

    Highly Recommended
    Highs: Ease on assembly, nice sculpt and flawless cast.
    Lows: Not much low just a few very small excess resin on small parts.
    Verdict: Very nice WW II German figure to display alone or in Eastern front scenes especially with EM-35005 and 06.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 1:35
      Mfg. ID: EM-35007
      Related Link: Product Page
      PUBLISHED: Jul 24, 2009
      NATIONALITY: Germany
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 94.44%

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    great looking figure
    JUL 26, 2009 - 10:32 AM

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