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In-Box Review
White Wolf
White Wolf
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by: Andrzej Snigorski [ ENDRJU007 ]

Short Introduction and White Wolf’s description

Spanish figure company Andrea Miniatures offers another figure from their Warlord Saga Series. It is 2009 WS-021 „White Wolf” figure representing Geralt of Rivia also known as "Gwynbleidd", White Wolf – the witcher.

Witchers were created by Andrzej Sapkowski - Polish fantasy writer. Witchers are monster-hunters who receive special training and have their bodies modified by magic and mutations at an early age to provide them with supernatural abilities so they can battle extremely dangerous monsters and survive.
Sapkowski’s novels tell a story of Geralt of Rivia, probably best living witcher, roaming the land and killing monsters for money. He is said to have resisted the "changes" during his childhood better than most, which encouraged his makers to perform even more dangerous experimental procedures on him. Because of these additional procedures, Geralt lost his pigmentation – his hair is white and his skin is pale. Book did not mention the color of his eyes but because of mutation he has vertical cat-like pupil.
Another attribute of Geralt’s image are his two swords. Every witcher carried two swords: one of steel and one of silver. Some people used to say that the steel sword is for fighting people and the silver one is against monsters but Geralt used to say that both of them are for killing monsters, just some of them happen to be human. Witchers carried their swords on their backs.
All witchers had their silver medallions – silver symbols of their profession. These medallions were sensitive to magic, vibrating and tugging on its chain when spells were being cast when something threatened medallion’s owner. Geralt as other witchers from Kaer Morhen had his medallion shaped as wolf’s head.
Witchers used many potions (elixirs) that temporarily strengthen their fighting abilities: they could give a witcher full control over his metabolism, improve eyesight or give ability to see in total darkness, fasten movements and reflexes. They were usually carried protected in boxes but witchers used to take phials with potions with themselves when preparing for fight.
Geralt used to wear practical leather trousers, black leather jacket with cuffs stud with silver hobnails and riding boots. For swordfight he wore also leather gauntlets with silver hobnails on cuffs and knuckles.
The Figure

Kit shows White Wolf stepping forward and taking his steel sword from a scabbard with his right hand. His left hand is on his hip level for balance. He wears boots, trousers as mentioned above in introduction and sleeveless jacket. Under the jacket he wears shirt or tunic with ornamented sleeves. Under the shirt a chain mail is visible between shirt’s sleeves and gauntlets and a leather caftan visible below it. Left shoulder of White Wolf is protected by spaulder attached with leather belt crossing his chest. Both swords – one in scabbard and second one wrapped in protective cloth and leather strap are hanging on witcher’s back on two leather belts also crossing the chest. Small leather pouch is attached to one of these belts on the right side.
On the left side White Wolf has a trophy hook attached to main belt. There are three potion phials attached to a belt on the right side and small money pouch and steel ring on the back. There is also a knife in a scabbard attached to the right leg.
Silver wolf head medallion on a chain hanging from a neck completes the witcher’s image.
White Wolf stands on a small base with piece of branch suggesting woodland scene.
The Kit

>Kit comes in Andrea Miniatures box with picture of painted figure on the front and several additional pictures of the same figure from different angles on the back. Although the box is not very sturdy the parts are perfectly protected by rubber foam completely filling whole box. Two smaller parts are also protected with plastic bag.
Box contains 5 parts which are:
- body including head, torso, righ arm (to the middle of forearm) and right leg
- crossed swords and right hand pulling one of them from the scabbard
- left arm
- left leg
- small base
Assembly and painting

No assembly instruction is present but with 5 pieces present it is necessary.
There is basic painting instruction present in the box but it doesn’t show this particular kit, just some basic tips. Since the box-art shows the painted figure from all angles it may be painted basing on these pictures.
Detailing and quality

Casting is high quality and there is almost no need of additional cleaning. Delicate seam line is present on main body and hand-swords part.
Fitting is very good although proper adjusting of right hand with sword to the rest of arm caused some small difficulties. Parts fit and figure’s balance is good enough to make figure (without left hand) to stand still without a glue.
All details are nicely sculpted including delicate chain mail (which have some small error, flat area on the right sleeve), medallion, belt buckles or hobnails and ornaments on sleeves.

Very nice 54mm kit sculpted with precision and care. It may require some careful work to bring all details out but if properly painted it may be real eye catcher.
Although witcher’s image is closer to this presented in computer game than to book description (i.e. Geralt never wore any kind of armor except for leather jacket and gauntlets) it is absolute must-have for every fan of The Witcher Saga.
Highs: Good quality, subject, care for all details characteristic for the presented character.
Lows: Delicate seem lines, small problem with right hand adjusting.
Verdict: Recommended for Witcher saga fans and anyone who wants to have figure of lone master of sword on a shelf.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: WS-021
  Suggested Retail: 25€
  Related Link: Product's site
  PUBLISHED: Oct 26, 2009

About Andrzej Snigorski (endrju007)

My first contact with model making took place over 20 years ago – I’ve made few models of planes when I was 9. They were all destroyed in one disastrous accident. Pain after loosing results of my own work was so big that I’ve left model making for about 15 years ;) . I’ve returned to building models...

Copyright ©2021 text by Andrzej Snigorski [ ENDRJU007 ]. Images also by copyright holder unless otherwise noted. Opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of Historicus Forma or Silver Star Enterprises. All rights reserved.


Very good review Andrzej! I like the intro... a good read about the Witchers. Are the other sculpts in this Andrea range based on characters from Sapkowski's novels? Just one thing; I would suggest using Magic Sculpt or something like that for connecting the parts when photopraphing the "built" model. Mario
OCT 26, 2009 - 03:21 AM
@ Engin, thank you for posting this! @ Mario - thanks for reading and kind opinion! Unfortunately not... It's great that Andrea pictured at least Geralt... It's a pitty that such a great subject like Sapkowski's novels is not covered by figures... (all witchers, wizards (Yennefer, Triss, etc...), Cirilla, Boholt and his friends, Yarpen Zigrin and company, Bonhart, Rats, Jaskier... - it would be great set of figures and I would be the first one to have them all). Thanks for a tip - I just wanted to show very good balance of this figure so I did not use any glue. Fit of the right hand (as I've mentioned in the review) is not very good and Magic Sculpt wouldn't help... It will need some delicate correction (some delicate filing and sanding). Thanks again! Andrzej
OCT 26, 2009 - 07:24 AM
Thanks for the review, Andrzej. I've been a fan of this series from Andrea for a while, but only recently picked up one of the range - and I must say what a difficult decision it was to choose just one Regarding the MS comment, personally I prefer to show the figures assembled with either only poster tack (e.g. Blu-Tak) or in the case of a plastic figure, plastic cement or CA. I personally don't like seeing reviews with the figures puttied and filled as then I have no idea about the size or severity of the gaps or how much work will be involved in correcting the issues. Just my personal opinion... Rudi
OCT 26, 2009 - 09:09 AM
I also picked up one of the figures in the range as I was very impressed with the boxart pictures... I loved seeing the sculpts come to life in those Spanish figure forums; I think Joaquin did most of the figures in this series and he is a very talented sculptor. As for MS; I understand what you mean, Rudi. I'm using MS in my reviews simply as a mean of holding the pieces together for the photoshoot... perhaps it is not the best option. Mario
OCT 26, 2009 - 06:14 PM

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