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Tool Review
Mold Putty
Mold putty from Alumilite
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by: Jeff [ SGTREEF ]

KitMaker Network

Okay so we need a part quick, having made a master or using a kit part.

We could Go grab the Silicon Rubber mold making material and build a box get the part in.
Pour after slowly making sure not to introduce any bubbles because they mean holes in the final product.
Then we wait a day or so as the mold cures fully.
Some are faster but best to wait a day before pouring Resin.

Well that is a bother especially if just a small item needed and fast.

Ah here comes Amazing Wonder putty to the rescue, in as little as 20 plus minutes you are pouring resin.
Yep that is right pouring resin and ‘bang’ your part is ready to use in an hour not tomorrow.
While you still have to use the Pour Rubber for two sided parts and ones that require both sides.
But for ammo boxes, one offs of a small one sided master this is great stuff at least to me it is.

Best thing; it can be had at Michael’s using their 40% off coupon its cheap and two big tubs are enough to keep one busy for awhile.
Highs: Very easy to use. Good quantity for the price.
Lows: Only real low (and not really that) is cannot make two sided parts.
Verdict: This stuff is Amazing indeed. Glad I tried it; this will be in my collection of modeling tools from now on.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: none
  Suggested Retail: $20.00
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 06, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United States

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