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In-Box Review
Round BioTech Bases
BioTech Bases Round 40mm (set of 2)
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by: Andrzej Snigorski [ ENDRJU007 ]


No one who ever played Doom, seen Terminator or read more than five science fiction books has any problems with describing term “bio-tech”. No matter what the official definition of bio-technology says, thirst thought always brings images of cables, cylinders and other mechanisms covered with living tissues, cyborgs, A.I. and advanced electronics.
Micro Art Studio offers whole series of bio-tech bases that may match almost any science figure you have. Series contains 32 round bases of different size (diameter from 25mm to 60mm) and shape. Bases are sold in sets including from one (for biggest – 50mm and 60mm) to five (for 25mm and 30mm) bases randomly picked from selected size range.

The Bases

MAS has sent us set of two round 40mm bases from their bio-tech series for review.
Each set comes in standard MAS blister with the name of kit printed on it. Parts are protected by blister and piece of dark grey polyfoam.
Whole 40mm group includes six different bases created by Piotr Kupper. In every blister you receive two random bases from this group.
Each base is different. They all can be seen painted on the header picture.
For review matters we’ve received two of them but it seems that they are quite good representation of whole series.
First of delivered bases represents part of floor with slide doors in it revealing chamber full of skulls. Ribbed piping goes around the whole round base. Two lamp bulbs or round valve / device covers are present on the edge of base. Bigger cover on one side hides tube joints.
Toothed door shape additionally breaks symmetry of the base allowing more interesting painting. Flat areas on the both sides of skull chamber may be not big enough to easily attach any suitable figure but on the other hand the figure may be placed on the skull pile as it is actually quite leveled.
Second base represents open iris blade door in the floor revealing naked female body attached to multiple tubes. Around the base six symmetrically placed assembly elements are visible. As interesting and good looking the base is as difficult may be placing a figure on it. One risks troubles with finding enough flat area for figure to stand on, because in my opinion it wouldn’t look good to place any figure directly on the body laying in the chamber.

Assembly and painting

No assembly is required – all bases are made as one piece only. Since the bases are science-fiction in their nature there is no paint scheme which has to be followed by the painter. Picture of painted base available on Micro Art Studio website makes very good reference.

Detailing and quality

Base is made in dark grey resin. Material is of high quality so all the details MAS sculptors worked on with care are perfectly visible, crisp and clean. Unfortunately few bubbles are present destroying good look of sharp edges of doors on one base and ribbing details of tubing. Sculls and the female body have very good, natural look with all the details.


Good quality and beautifully sculpted bases that should work perfectly as bases for any s/f figure. Delicate faults should be easy to fix or turned to damage marks.
First smaller remark is that some figures may be difficult to be placed on uneven ground – most of bases have minimum flat areas and are literally overrun by details.
Second remark concerns scale relation: some of the bases have details which in comparison with figure standing on a base may look ridiculously big or too small. Small skulls may look even creepier but too small body of naked woman will look odd. In the same time a skull much bigger than figure’s head may also look stranger than scarier. Anyone using base including these details must take the size of used figure under consideration to keep scales relation.
Beside these two remarks MAS bio-tech bases are absolutely recommended.

Base is no longer available from Micro Art Studio but can be purchased from Basicks
Highs: Very nicely sculpted, low price
Lows: Few errors; strongly scale related
Verdict: Really nice and not expensive bases if you have a matching figure
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  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: B02622
  Suggested Retail: 4,92 €
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 11, 2011

Our Thanks to Micro Art Studio!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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About Andrzej Snigorski (endrju007)

My first contact with model making took place over 20 years ago – I’ve made few models of planes when I was 9. They were all destroyed in one disastrous accident. Pain after loosing results of my own work was so big that I’ve left model making for about 15 years ;) . I’ve returned to building models...

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I really like these, very imaginative... but how can you set a figure on such a base when most of it is actually an opening in the floor? Mario
MAR 11, 2011 - 10:14 PM
Nice review on useful bases. thanks Andrzej.
MAR 12, 2011 - 01:29 AM
Thanks for reading and comments guys! Exactly... this is why the rating is below 80%... it's OK for S/F hero to stand on a pile of skulls... but which S/F hero (or even miscreant) would stand on a nude lady? No, never...
MAR 12, 2011 - 04:55 AM

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