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In-Box Review
Panzer Grenadier, Kharkov 1943

by: Jan Klarbęk [ MRMOX ]

S&T Products' Panzer Grenadier is sculpted by John Rosengrant. The kit was purchased from afvmodeller with a price tag of 25 GBP.

The kit is packed in a sturdy cardboard box with a colour photo on the front. This is the only assembly and painting guide. The parts are sealed in a solid plastic bag, with separate rooms for the various parts. The kit is moulded in a light cream resin without any air bubbles.

The kit breaks down to the following parts:

Main body with legs and head.
Arms with locating pins with corresponding holes on body.
Kar98 with hands moulded on and some parts to aid the construction of the rifle sling.
Equipment - entrenching tool, canteen and food container, there is no gas mask canister supplied with the kit.
Moulded base with details like debris from ruins.

A minimum of cleanup is required with only small casting-blocks and very little flash. There is a large casting-block supporting the riffle, which is great, as it prevents damage to this quite fragile part.

Personally I would have preferred to have a separate head instead of moulded-on, as I find it eases the painting of both head and figure - but you can“t have everything.

The face is detailed, but a bit uniform with too little expression. Its a good sculpt, but with too little personality.

In the picture showing the complete figure, it is only dry-fitted without any glue - so tight is the fit of the parts.

The figure is rather small compared to other 1:16 figures (Verlinden, Dragon and Tamiya) as it only measures about 110 mm. when it is assembled - other offers normally measure about 120 mm.

To test the scale, I measured the weapon and other equipment and compared it with other 1:16 kits and real items.

A Kar98 made in “43 is 110 cm long - in scale 1:16 thats 6,87 cm. The Kar98 in the kit is 6,8 cm. So thats fine. The other personal gear also seems to have the right scale proportions compared with other kits.

But as peoples size differ, this should not be a problem but he will look a little on the small side together with other kits.

Pros & cons

The casting is great, sharp and fine details on equipment and clothes, the face looks good and there is no air bubbles and only little cleanup.

Fit is superb with help from locating pins and holes, no need for filler.


Only guide is picture on the box which, by the way, shows stencilling on the stick grenade and helmet - those are not included in the kit.

The sculpting of the face could be a little more interesting.

A well-made and highly detailed figure with a great fit, the price tag seems fair considering the medium but, compared with plastic offerings, a bit on the high side.
A well-made and highly detailed figure.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:16
  Mfg. ID: STP16022
  Suggested Retail: £25.11
  PUBLISHED: Nov 26, 2004

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