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A Visit to the Heart of Pegaso

Where to start? How about the beginning?
Although I have been writing articles for magazines many years, when it comes down to writing for your hobby, it is just not the same. After modelling for 25 years, 2 years ago I realised that the rest of my hobby life would be dedicated to modelling miniatures. And so, with every day that passes, I remain convinced that, although I may have made the change late in life I have made the correct decision. The world of historical miniatures is, quite simply, amazing. But, since you are reading this article, I suspect that you know that already. So, having said this, you might understand how difficult it is for me to put into mere words the wonderful experience I recently had: three days at the headquarters of figure legends Pegaso Models!

The adventure begins
It all started with my decision to enter one of the greatest European miniature competitions: “Le Petit Soldat”, held annually in Saint Vincent, Italy. Since more than twelve members of the Athens Star Club had decided to enter, who was I to say no? When Luca Marchetti, founder of Pegaso Models, heard I was going to St. Vincent, he invited me to stay in Sienna for a few days and see what a great figure brand Pegaso is, from behind the scenes! Of course, there could not have been a bigger “yes!” than my reply!

“Le Petit Soldat” ended in a nicer way than I had expected; I won a bronze medal, with a 90mm Pegaso figure (Frederick of Swabia). What better way to begin my adventure into the world of Pegaso? After a long car drive, that seemed to fly by in the fantastic company of Pietro Balloni, Maurizio Bruno and Teresa, from Saint Vincent to Siena, we arrived in the outer suburbs of a city. This was to become to be one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen in my life.

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