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A Visit to the Heart of Pegaso

San Agostino
After a delicious breakfast with the Pegaso family, the next morning Pietro took me to the Pegaso art studio. Imagine my surprise when, seemingly lost deep within a forest outside Siena, we stopped outside a stonewall belonging to a mediaeval monastery, named San Agostino. The Italians call it Eremo, which it what I fill call it here forth.

As you can see from the pictures, the environment is awe-inspiring. With this unbelievable physical beauty and silence, it is just like living in another world. This minds image is forever deeply embedded within my memory. This was the sort of place where you could imagine spending the rest of your days.

The Art Studio
The Art Studio, a massive high-ceilinged room, is where great artists to create their masterpieces. It is in that room where I began to understand what it means to Pegaso to create miniatures for modellers. It is simply really: they do it because they love it, and have the satisfaction of knowing that modellers the world over love painting their creations.

As you can see from the photographs, the Art Studio is basically a very big modelling room, with the associated organized chaos that comes with being an artist. Huge collections of reference material, showcases full with medals and trophies from various competitions, figure masters, box arts, spare parts, anything even vaguely related to figures; these are things found around the studio. With many different workbenches situated around the room, one is always available if you would like to work in there. But, believe you me, when you enter that room and see Maurizio, Andrea or Pietro at work, all you hope for is for some of that raw talent to be telepathically transferred to you like a Vulcan mind-meld.

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