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A Visit to the Heart of Pegaso

Chatting to Luca Marchetti.
(This interview is not done in a Question and Answer format but more in a narrative)

Pegaso began back in 1991as a small project by Luca Marchetti and Stefano Borin .Two years later, in 1993, Pegaso made its first corporate appearance at an Expo in Kulmbach.1994 saw Stefano Borin choosing to follow another path, while Luca chose to ride out the Pegaso project.

In 1996 Andrea Jula began his involvement in Pegaso, with a merger between Pegaso and Ares, a figure company almost 20 years older than Pegaso – and owned by Andrea’s father! Andrea’s father, still one of the world’s best white metal casters, is to a large degree responsible for Pegaso’s extremely high quality casts.

In approximately 2000 Pietro Balloni, made his appearance on the team, as Luca Marchetti’s painting and sculpting apprentice. Little did they realise then that this was a rising star.

And so, from that day that Pietro joined, the company structure has remained the same, producing the masterpieces we all like to see, buy and paint.

The founding father - Luca’s story
Luca Marchetti started his affair with miniatures at the age of 21.Luca’s first encounter with 54mm figures was at 23 and, way back in 1989, at the Kuneo Competition (his first entry into a competition) he cleaned house - by winning every possible medal there was! He was also the first Italian figurist to ever win a “Best of Show” award in an international competition. By the age of 25 he had already established a name within the miniatures community by painting pieces for collectors. One should also bear in mind that at the time Luca started, enamel was the medium to use, with few acrylics. In Tuscany they used even used Casein paint (derived from milk, Casein paint is a fast-drying, water-soluble medium used by artists).

It was only at the age of 30 that Luca started sculpting figures. This was not made easy, since his only choice of sculpting medium was Tamiya’s cream putty, which required long drying times under heat. After this torturous initiation, Gray Milliput putty was a relief. Later came White Milliput, A+B, and finally Magic Sculpt.

Since those early days of experimentation, Luca Marchetti has sculpted over 60 commercial figures and many others for collectors. Some of his Pegaso pieces, particularly those in 90mm, are already modern day classics. While Luca is inspired by many periods and subjects, unfortunately many would probably not be not commercially viable – for example the many colourful and different uniforms of 16th Century.

When the need for an Art Director, as well the need to establish an internet presence, arose in 2002, Luca made the very difficult decision to retreat from directing working in the Art Studio, and undertake these, mostly computer based, tasks.

Over the years, Luca has tried many ideas for his figures, and taken many risks. Some of them have paid dividends; some have not.

Making a living aside, Luca creates figures because he loves it. It is his passion.

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