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A Visit to the Heart of Pegaso

A Crazy Artist - Andrea’s Story
With a father that owned Ares and was a world-renowned metal caster, Andrea Jula grew up surrounded by figures. Andrea has what one would call a physical artistic talent. He has a unique approach to what he does, and he usually is very unpredictable. Andrea is what we call “A Crazy Artist” in Greece, as he has an impressive imagination and the ability to bring anything he likes to life.

Andrea has done regular painting, illustrations for a cartoon company, and has even worked with Disney. But in approximately 1996 he joined Pegaso and formed the dynamic duo with Luca.

Andrea has sculpted some of Pegaso’s most successful figures, and continues to astound us every time he brings a new figure to life. All you need to do is recall the 75mm Renaissance Knight, the 90mm Templar and the recent 90mm Renaissance Knight. He has also done some breathtaking fantasy pieces.

Having seen Andrea working firsthand, sculpting a bust, I must say, it is an absolute pleasure to watch this man perform his magic. It is truly inspiring stuff! I honestly believe Andrea is one of the greatest sculptors of our day!

A star is born - Pietro’s Story
Pietro Balloni is without a doubt a rising star in the painting world of miniatures.

While he had completed his studies in 1992, in 1990 Pietro was already making fantasy figure armies. However, after seeing Pegaso and Post Militaire miniatures, he immediately switched to the historical figures. By persevering at painting and stripping figures many times until he got the right result, Pietro eventually won Luca’s approval and, thus, joined Luca as an apprentice - while in his 20’s.

In 1997 he participated in the Milan Competition, sweeping away the competition by taking all the Gold medals, and selling his figures to collectors. The rest is a history that we all know very well.

Although Pietro has tried acrylics painting, he employs a technique named “oils over acrylics” and, by attaining the most amazing results, has really made this technique his own. I had the fortune of receiving few lessons from him and seeing him do what seems to be the impossible for the rest of us, is a piece of cake to him.

Today Pietro is regarded as one of the miniatures world’s best painters, but it is oft forgotten that he is also a very valuable member of the Pegaso staff.

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