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A Visit to the Heart of Pegaso

From organized chaos to clinical cleanliness
As mentioned above, Pegaso’s Art Studio (Eremo) is situated in a monastery deep within a beautiful forest. In stark contrast, the stock is kept in an industrial warehouse, known as “The Magazino”, a short distance away. The two places are totally opposite, as they should be.

The Art Studio is a place of organized chaos and mess, with countless workbenches, where every artist can find a space to work and create the Pegaso masterpieces. Sometimes you will hear them “debate” at high volume, but such is the Italian (and perhaps Mediterranean) way of work. All the required materials are there, as is reference material, and, of course, the limitless inspiration and talent. What more would you need?

On the opposing side of the coin, “The Magazino” is a place of order, peace and quiet. Everything is surgically clean and tidy. All the stock items are in their places, and spare parts are in small numbered drawers and zipper bags.

The bench where orders are individually prepared is full of small and bigger papers, with all orders, and all the necessary equipment for the responsible person to complete his task. The same applies to the packing bench, which is clean and tidy, ready to receive the boxes and parts to be packed, when every new release comes out.

In this way customer service remains as much a priority as it did for their very first sale. As does customer support; if you spare parts Pegaso will send you in a couple of days, without any charge

Something that has remained a goal for Pegaso from the beginning is to satisfy the modeller first and foremost. The “motto” is “Top quality but not top prices”. For this reason Pegaso, has always based their strategy on their own plans and releases, and not on the strategies of other competitors. This is one of the reasons we have seen many Pegaso releases copied, in one way or another, over the years, but not Pegaso copying another company’s releases.

Pegaso has always made figures using innovative thinking, maintaining (and constantly improving) a high quality and also try to control the price factor by trying to minimise possible prices increases.

However, Pegaso is not alone in the world, which means that there are other factors that play a crucial role in product pricing. To illustrate, when the distribution agents, the intermediary between figure manufacturers and retailers, decide to increase their mark-up, this can implicitly affect the manufacturer and the retailer and result in lower sales, since ultimately the modeller picks up the final price.

Therefore, in lieu of the above example, Pegaso has often elected not to raise the price in order to save the modeller some money. The result, however, is a partial loss of revenue. Naturally, this is a serious issue for any company, especially one that releases several new products every month and has to maintain a healthy stock level.

One possible solution to this problem is direct sales to modellers. This ensures they buy the correct product, have the best customer care and service, and of course this could lead to a price decrease – provided it is supported on a large scale.

In order to assist the hobby stores purchase stock at a reasonable cost price and keep sales prices at the suggested retail price, while still maintaining decent profit levels, Pegaso has settle up the “Figure Net” Online Shop. There hobby stores, and in future individual customers, can buy figures of Pegaso, Romeo, and Elite (and later more companies) at the normal prices - and receive the best service for their orders.

A big loss of revenue comes from pirated copies of figures (cast mostly in resin), which are predominantly sold, via online auctions. Sadly little appears to have been done to prevent these illegal actions. While manufacturers like Pegaso attempt to put a stop to this, they have not had much success – largely due to pirates concealing their IP addresses and anonymous URLs.

Sadly, at the end of the day it is the modeller that loses. Pirated figures are a plague of horribly cast copies, which will not help the modeller to paint better. Furthermore, with the higher post rates, they end up paying almost the price they would have for an original sculpture.

Ed: What can you as a modeller do? Join us in saying “NO” to piracy!

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