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A Visit to the Heart of Pegaso

The future of Figure Companies
When Pegaso began there were less than a 100 figure brands throughout the world. Fifteen years later, there are more than 300 figure manufactures and that number is increasing.

Many of these are cottage industries or garage projects which manufacture miniatures that are not of high standards in sculpting or casting. Very generally speaking, this leads to a poor impression of figure companies in general.

There appears to be a preconception that financial problems within figure industry have been brought about by a reduction in the number of figure modellers. That, however, is not correct. As Luca (and I) believe, there are many new figure modellers entering the craft daily. There are also many older modellers (myself included) that “retire” from armour, aircraft or other form of static modelling and turn to figure modelling.

And so, if the miniatures industry is to survive, it requires the support of the modellers themselves. By avoiding pirate products, choosing first-class subjects and high-quality figures, not only do you receive good value for your money but you also help the good companies survive.

Nowadays it seems really easy to set up a miniature company. The real challenge lies in making it an industry leader and keeping it going in the face of hard competition.

Journey’s End
To be honest, it has been a dream come true to have visited Pegaso. How often have we heard the names Pegaso, Luca Marchetti, Andrea Jula and Pietro Balloni mentioned and thought this company, these people are not of our world?

Yet meeting them, I came to realise that these are just normal, down-to-earth figure modellers. These guys are so human and yet so passionate about what they do, so professional, so eager to satisfy the needs of others - mere words alone cannot express. With a team like this, nay, with a family like this, a family that sees the modeller not as just another customer, but as a friend, it is not difficult to see how Pegaso has become the leading miniatures company it is today.

In closing, my greatest wish for the Pegaso familia is that they never change. May they forever remain this way, making our small-scale dreams come true.

Ed: Turn to page 9 for more pictures of Costas' magical journey.

From the greatest depths of my heart, I would like to thank Luca Marchetti, Pietro Balloni, Andrea Jula, Maurizio Bruno, Loren, Teresa and the rest of Pegaso family for their fantastic hospitality and heartfelt friendship. May we meet again soon.

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