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Other Genres: Fantasy
For fantasy figures. Elves, dwarves, dragons, etc.
40k - Angels of Redemption Terminator
Pennsylvania, United States
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Posted: Thursday, April 09, 2009 - 03:49 PM UTC
Hey guys, I haven't posted here too much, but I figured I would show you my most recent finished work. This is probably my best mini yet, he took approximately 40 hrs from start to finish. Keep in mind my painting is better than my photography. He also won a gold medal in the single figure category of Cold Wars '09 in Lancaster, PA. Thanks!


Victoria, Australia
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Posted: Thursday, April 09, 2009 - 04:12 PM UTC
Wow! That is really terrific work, Jake!

So much detail, so much to look at! Nothing wrong with your camera work, mate.

England - North East, United Kingdom
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Posted: Thursday, April 09, 2009 - 08:57 PM UTC
that is lovely work!

deserved the gold

Dublin, Ireland
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Posted: Thursday, April 09, 2009 - 09:18 PM UTC
I'm an Ork fan myself but I appreciate the terrific work you've done here Jake.