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The Road Warrior
Massachusetts, United States
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Posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - 04:39 AM UTC
Here is Andrea’s recent 54mm release of their “Outback Avenger,” known to movie fans as Mad Max/The Road Warrior. As sculpted, there’s a strange tuft of hair not seen in Mel’s hair in the movie. The first thing I did was to trim that down and scrape in some texture. He’s built OOB. Getting an essentially all black figure to have some life was a bit of a challenge. I used different highlights to achieve this, brown for the boots, grays and blues for the pants and jacket. The ground work is Cellular with a large amount of fine model railroad ballast for texture tinted with Vallejo black gray mixed with Reaper walnut brown. The road stains are straight black dry brushed on and the middle stripe was lightly masked to get straight lines and had Vallejo ivory dabbed on. The gerry can is a USMC version from Academy’s accessories kit. Weathering was done with washes (inks and oils) and applications of Vallejo metalics over Reaper olive green. The spillage is black ink. I chose a symmetrical setting to give the impression of space extending in all directions.