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Posted: Sunday, November 06, 2011 - 03:13 PM UTC
Myself and one of the teen painters I worked with through a community painting program I ran have done a couple of podcasts. Two have been released so far, one on Hordes trench mini from Privateer Press and Iron Man from Knight Models. These are done for fun as much as anything.


Iron Man

If anyone is interested in doing one with us (As we don't mind guest speakers at all) drop me a PM. Basically we review what we have been working on, general painting ideas and anything else we can come up with. If your a shop and want to talk about the state of the industry, whats cool, whats not, or if your a painter/builder who wants to share some ideas/techniques.

All you need is Skype (which is free) a headset (obviously) and a few pics related to your work/technique if thats what we are discussing and that you don't mind being included in cast.

If your interested then check out the ones we have done so you know what to expect as we are not a professional recording studio by a long shot.