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Other Genres: Fantasy
For fantasy figures. Elves, dwarves, dragons, etc.
Fred's Fantastic (?) Fantasy Figure Folio
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Posted: Saturday, June 16, 2012 - 09:48 AM UTC
Hi Legion,

While I pack and unpack from my move, I am finding some old treasures. Recently, I found my D&D box with those figures I've held on to.

Here is a selection of figures that consumed bottles of my precious Floquil, Humbrol, Imrie & Risley, Pactra, Pactra International, Polly S, Tamiya, Testors, et al., c. 1979 - 1985.

These show the state of my art of painting at the time. Hmmmm...they look better when not magnified... Maybe some touch-up is due.

Soldier of Finhurstine

Ranger (please pretend the bottom of the broken bow is covered by some cloak of blending-in...)



Elvish adventurer (about to attack a green slime

Elvish archer soldier

Bard (Hey, Yanouw!)


Arching Adventurer (please pretend the broken bow bottom is coated with invisibility potion...)

Amazon Guardess

And of course, giant rats!

Hope you enjoy these. If ya' do, I'll post mo re!