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Hello from Nevada
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Posted: Saturday, August 27, 2016 - 11:17 AM UTC
Quit building about 15 years or so ago that due to some family problems, the joy of building was gone. About a month ago thought of starting up again, but didn't want to go back to aircraft/armor because then I'd want to start detailing everything and there goes what little modeling mojo I was trying to muster.

Then got to thinking and checked out YouTube, then Googled about zombie dioramas. THAT got me really interested in modeling again. Since my armor/figures are 1/35th, wasn't interested in 1/24th scale or those "action figures" aka dolls to me. From Google, I've got a lost of abandoned cities/towns, several including helicopters that crashed out in the middle of no where.

Pulled my built Italeri's Humvee w/tow and took it apart as I wanted open doors/rear hatch. From what I understand, Tamiya's got the only Humvee with open doors option. Hole for tow has been filled, cut away the rear hatch to show it open. Mine's going to be civilianized such as different (more comfortable)seats, cb, etc. Will be adding brush guard and spare tire rack along with some lights on the roof, along with the rods to raise the hatch. The doors have part of the body molded around them, so making new body parts for the doors to be hinged on. Got some car,
pickups and semi's w/trailers in 1/32nd that I'll modify a bit or show abandoned/rusting away. No adding 500 pounds of steel/Gatling gun to something just cause it looks cool. Want mine to look realistic.

There's a figure set by Master Box called Zombie Hunter with a woman on a WW 2 Harley...and she looks like that Mila whatever from Resident Evil and comes with 4 zombies/
infected people. And another set called Skull Clan, but 2 of the women look like something out of a Mad Max movie...not my thing. There are other female figures I'll buy, but plan on making copies of them and swapping parts/heads so they all don't look the same. Modifying military figures to look like civilians and will do the same with them.

Assembling Italeri's BMW R75 motorcycle w/sidecar and Tamiya's German horse rider and bicycle. Modified the sidecar with the cargo hatch open which meant making a new hatch and spare tire mount. Waiting for a 1/32nd bus from China. Modified a HO scale tree so it's larger with thought of someone surrounded by zombies, climbs the tree, but in doing so, he sees his rifle/pack falling to the ground below.

Already bought several bases of different sizes. In doing this, worried I'd get burned out, but found out that when I did get bored working on something, I'd simply go to the next model or figure. Hopefully I can display something in a month or so.
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Posted: Saturday, August 27, 2016 - 01:00 PM UTC
Hi Chris,
Welcome back to the hobby! Whatever you do, enjoy and have fun.

Here you have another recently launched figure at 1/35:

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Posted: Saturday, August 27, 2016 - 01:32 PM UTC
Welcome back to the hobby! Hope you enjoy the forums!

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Posted: Saturday, September 03, 2016 - 09:45 AM UTC
Welcome back!