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Painting the Slave One

Here is the way Ian finished the surface, then painted the Slave One 1/32 scale kit.
  • I added some texture with Mr Surfacer, first the 1000, then some 500 on the parts of the shield top that I wanted more corroded from heat etc.
  • A lot of putty was used on the joins of this kit as the body to base shield fit was extremely poor
  • Images 1 and 2
  • B. PANEL SHADOWS ADDED [Tamiya black]
  • I used this all over to cover all of the panel lines and edges to make a darker base coat in these areas.
  • Image 3
  • C. GHOST COAT ADDED [Tamiya red brown and dark grey].
  • I added a ghost cover of red brown to the whole ship emphasising some panels more than others. I then gave the top hull section another light coat of dark grey making sure that it was patchy.
  • To finish this I then added some more light spots of black to simulate burn marks [battle damage etc].
  • Image 4
  • Masking tape was applied to all areas that would be predominately red brown at the final stage.
  • Maskol was also applied to panels and lines for a chipped effect, making use of the dark grey base before it is sprayed over.
  • Images 5, 6 and 6b
  • Medium grey panels picked out and painted with the airbrush. This is done freehand making use of a hand held straight edge in places to separate and quickly mask light and dark plates.
  • Image 7
  • F. BLUE GREY COLOR + MASK REMOVAL Paddles painted.
  • A BLUE GREY mix was made from Tamiya acrylics and added to selected panels in hard edge shapes as well as freehand detail.
  • Rudder paddles were then painted with Tamiya white and weathered with Gunze yellow stone, then Tamiya desert yellow.
  • Masking tape and Maskol were then removed from the model.
  • Images 8 and 9
    • 1_Surfacera1
    • 2_Putty
    • 3_preshade
    • 4_ghostcoat1
    • 5_mask1
    • 6_maskall
    • 6_mask2
    • 7_medgreylines
    • 8_gluegrayremovemaskall
    • 9_grayblueremf3

    About the Author

    About Ian Hill (Brokeneagle)

    Whatever project I find myself doing I always try to create something a little 'left' of the typical. I use modelling to add a 3rd dimension to my painting of pictures. Please visit my website at threedbattleart.com


    Here is a cool feature Michael is doing on the same subject FichtenFoo Article
    FEB 22, 2007 - 05:47 PM
    Jawdropping painting work as usual Ian! Nice SBS to read, very clear -a lot of people should be entitled to read it, whatever what they paint. -now nobody is going to take your head about the amount of paint chipping on the spaceship :-)
    FEB 22, 2007 - 06:43 PM
    Scott, thanks for all the great work on the presentation of the article. Jean- Bernard, thanks, especially coming from yourself as I greatly admire your work. I also thought I should add that this has been modelled on the older and more beaten up Slave 1 used in movie 5, once it has been handed on to the son. I used my Art of Star Wars book to render the ship from color shots of the actual model. I was intentionally liberal with my chips to emphasize the age and use, but also to align with the condition of the studio model.For my own taste I usually don't chip this much [except on old sci fi] ........... I felt this model needed this kind of treatment to bring it to life. :-)
    FEB 23, 2007 - 04:42 AM
    Very nice paint job and article.
    FEB 23, 2007 - 03:20 PM