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20th Waffen SS, Narva 1944 - Prey

The scene:

„The struggle at the Narva bridgehead was typical for combat on the Eastern Front of World War II. German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Estonian, and even Russian volunteers had enlisted in the German forces to fight against what they perceived to be the looming Communist threat from the east. Whereas other German units in 1944 had failed to hold their ground in Russia, Heeresgruppe Nord still clung tenaciously to one of the last occupied positions near Soviet territory; the Estonian city of Narva. That toehold was what these volunteers would fight so dearly for in arduous winter conditions, hugely outnumbered by their opponents.

Massing on the other side were Soviet troops with vengeance in their hearts. Having endured months of starvation at Leningrad and Oranienbaum, those soldiers would finally get their chance to fight the enemy who had invaded their homeland. The city itself would be fought over for months in relentless battles, often erupting into savage close-quarter combat and frequently leading to thousands of casualties.“

(from Mansal Denton's „Battle for Narva, 1944“)