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Egg Planes Campaign

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The Egg Plane campaign recently concluded and was themed around the little egg style caricatures model kits. It’s no yolk, but the campaign was dedicated to those little “Egg Planes” and because sometimes, “modelling is pure fun!”

Mike High (TacFireGuru) came up with the idea and led the campaign with the following five entrants completing the campaign with some outstanding builds of Egg Planes

Hughes Egg 500 by Mike High (TacFireGuru)
Fw190 Focke Egg by Samantha Berry (camogirl)
A-6 Eggtruder by Andy Appleby (Torchy)
P-47 Eggbolt by Nigel Julian (Lampie)
Egg Force One by Sean Hadley (windysean)
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About the Author

About Mike High (TacFireGuru)

Like most, I started out in my young years; building Monogram armor and aircraft. Joining the Army at 17 in 1981 put a stop to my building for many years, I retired in 2001 and ran across Armorama....I've been re-hooked since. I'm a notoriously slow builder and seem to have more than one buil...


It would appear that some wonderful eggs were laid here, and nothing got scrambled. Well done to those who were able to finish.
JAN 20, 2013 - 02:50 AM
"Cracking builds, Grommit!"
JAN 20, 2013 - 05:04 AM