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Chinese Tank Transporter

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About the Author

About ed s. sarao (liberator)

i have been making models since i was a child..on and off..on and off..and just last year i joined the IPMSPHILS-BAC..and proud to be one! meeting old friends and other modellers changed my views..particularly on details and types of weathering. you can say modelling is a never ending process.


Looks great. Where is the aerodyne from? I gotta get one of the Trumpeter tank transporter models.
AUG 28, 2005 - 08:03 AM
hi there vinnie and gino and thanks guys. the aerodyne is from another model..a japanese light-truck in a 1/24 scale. my son build the truck and later played with it til it got totaled..gladly i kept some parts for future use. the base for the aerodyne is made of styrene and the blinker lights from a giant sprue nutt(?). the one in the middle or main arttery. the rear storage box of the cabin is from a T-55 tamiya. one thing about the kit are the wheels loosely fitted on the rims..and i'd noticed some are melting the rims for sometime. fixed that by spraying the rim with thicker paint..and maybe regular check-up if the reaction stopped. over all..the kit is nice and details are surperb. right now i'm waiting for a russian tank transporter..MAZ..nice combo for my T-55s and 72s. and accurate armours are quite pricey on this part of the globe..hope trumpeter will make there own version of their HET. thanks again.
AUG 28, 2005 - 04:56 PM