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by: Al LaFleche [ AJLAFLECHE ]

This is something of an interesting figure in that he doesnít give the feeling of a particularly ďheroicĒ figure. See Pegaso Models for a comparison. He is pot-bellied with an undersized shirt and a bowler hat, rather than the traditional Stetson style. He also wears a vest and boots and is armed with a single pistol. He sports a moustache and generous sideburns.

This comes packed in a clear fold open plastic box with a picture of the painted figure (done by Chris Mrosko) attached. The kitís five parts, head, left and right arms, body and pistol grip (Yes, the tiny pistol grip, visible above the holster, is a separate part) are then packed in a zip-lock bag. There are no instructions, but none are needed and since there is no standard color scheme involved, no painting guide is required. The kit is molded in cream colored, soft resin. Clean up was minimal. In preparing the photographs for this review, I noticed a seam line along the left leg, as well. There was one tiny air hole at the back of the hat and another on the chin. A much larger one showed up on the right shoulder when I removed the pour plug. The headís pour plug is located across the crown of the hat which means careful sanding with super fine sandpaper after I had removed the bulk with a razor saw. Interestingly, when you look at the figure attached to the pour plug (across both feet) it appears one leg is shorter than the other. After removing the plug, he was so well balanced, the figure could stand by itself. Youíll need to use extreme care in cleaning up the pistol grip. The carpet monster is just waiting to swallow this part.

This is a painterís figure as opposed to an assemblerís. From start to finish, including sanding the hat, he went together in under 20 minutes. Fit is very good. The only filler needed will be for the holes in the shoulder and hat.

The completed figure, boot heel to crown of the bowler stands 61 mm tall and is just about the same height as other 54 mm figures wearing a hat with a crown. His proportions look correct.

My thanks go to VLS for supplying the review sample.
The most recent release in the Streets Of Laredo range is their Sheriff. I received this from Jim S. for review and did a quick build.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: SR 54004
  Suggested Retail: $15.98 USD
  PUBLISHED: Oct 31, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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