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Tool Shed

by: Scott Lodder [ SLODDER ]

Detail kit

This is a basic four walled wooden shed with a sloped roof and a stove pipe detail. The back wall has a shuttered window in it. VLS is listening to their customers and responding with more and more detail in their kits.

From a glance at the box art this kit is nothing special, four walls and a roof. When you open the zip lock bag you will find much more. This is a fully detailed shed, inside and out. The interior sides of the walls are not the flat side of an open faced – one piece molding system. Ben Jakobsen molds a full wooden interior to the walls. There is a nicely framed interior. It’s accurate down to the extra wall studs for window framing. Another accuracy point is the horizontal bracing between studs. Taking detail to another level is achieved with a double thickness exterior wall. The exterior sheathing is vertical planks. There is an internal sheathing of planks that runs diagonally.

The stove pipe detail includes a protective plate used where it passes through the wall. The bolt detail on the plate is great. The top of the pipe is even recessed to give the illusion of being hollow.


These pieces are all well sculpted and molded. The front door is the only piece made from an open faced – one piece mold. The rest are from a full two piece mold. This leaves resin blocks on eight of the nine pieces. The design of this kit makes it easy to have the resin blocks on the ends of the parts, which makes removal a breeze. The stove pipe may add a bit of concentration when you remove the block. You’ll want to be careful to retain the round shape of the pipe.

The front door is the only piece that gives you a considerable amount of sanding. The over pour is 2mm thick. This will take a bit of time or a power sander to remove. Once gone you’ll be left with a blank back to the door to detail.

The wall joints are wonderfully crafted with trim pieces molded on to cover joint gaps. This is a straight forward box type building and construction should be self explanatory. There is no hole cut in any wall for the stove pipe so you are free to mount it on any wall or leave it off altogether. The door can be assembled open or close as too with the single window shutter. There is no worry of having to scratch a full interior if these are left open.

Assembled this kit will have a 72mm x 57mm footprint with a 67mm x 80mm roof overhang. It is fully scaled to 54mm (1/32) and I wouldn’t recommend you try to bring it down to a 1/35th diorama.


This one is highly recommended. This is one to keep around for a quick project, full main street diorama or a simple vignette. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this and have on the shelf as a standby. The detail is wonderful. The construction looks like it will be quick and easy. The subject is right on. The price point is very good.

I’d like to thank VLS for this piece as a review sample.

Variation and detail are keys in diorama building no matter the era. The Wild West just got another detail kit to add to the Streets of Laredo line. Builders get kit SR 32016 Tool Shed.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:32
  Mfg. ID: SR32016
  Suggested Retail: $17.98
  PUBLISHED: Jun 12, 2006
  NATIONALITY: United States

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