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SS Grenadier Sturm Abeitlung 1945

by: Craig Whitaker [ MONGO_MEL ]

This is a reasonably new release from Warriors, sculpted by Bill Chilstrom, of a WWII German Grenadier in heavy winter parka and pants.

The pose of the figure shows the soldier in a casual and relaxed stance. The arms are hanging nicely at his sides without looking stiff. The position of the head and feet help convey a very natural feeling to the figure. The parka and pants have plenty of wrinkles and folds sculpted in to them to help convey the weight and thickness of the clothing and go a long way to give the figure a lot of character. At an assembled height of 8 inches (20 cm), this is very important and much appreciated.

The figure arrived in the familiar green Warriors box, with a color photograph of the figure on the front. The torso comes packaged in one plastic bag and the rest of the pieces in a second plastic bag.

The lack of any instructions/directions or painting guide was the next thing I noticed. While 99% of the figure can be assembled without any problem by most modelers, there was one small piece that has remained unidentifiable. The uniform is shown painted in a camouflage pattern but more information on other acceptable patterns would definitely be a plus.

It comes cast in 13 resin pieces consisting of: single piece torso, legs and boots; left and right arms; left and right hands; head with hat; magazine pouch; canteen; mess-kit; MP40 (3 pieces); one unknown piece.

Casting and clean up:
Casting plugs were present on all of the pieces and just a small amount of flash was present on the torso between the legs. There were seams that need cleaning up on the legs but were easy to take care of with an X-Acto knife and sanding sticks. There were some small to medium size air bubbles present along what would be the top edges during the casting process but nothing unexpected and were easily repaired with Aves 2 part Apoxie.

The most difficult piece to clean up was the MP40. It was extremely well cast using a long casting trough with multiple feed ports. The difficulty lies in removing the casting troughs. Good results were achieved using a combination of a cut off wheel mounted in a Dremel, X-acto knife, sanding sticks and Flex-I-Files. The rear site was not able to be preserved during the clean up and will need some simple scratch building to replace. The wire stock is very delicate and care needs to exercised for clean up. The box photo shows it in the extended or open position. But with the shoulder brace molded in the collapsed position, it looks much better folded under the stock.

Overall the fit of pieces was good. There were some minor gaps to fill where the arms meet at the shoulders.

A nice touch is that the bread bag and right arm have negative recesses to match the canteen and mess kit. Some filling of the gaps with epoxy putty around the edges will make them look like their weight is pressing them into the bread bag quite naturally.

Modification work:
The wire handle on the mess kit did not survive the clean up process so one will need to be fashioned from brass wire or possibly a piece of soft solder wire. Also, both the mess kit and the canteen show nothing to indicate how they are attached to the bread bag. Adding a simple strap to the canteen will be easy as it is a very short distance and this area is mostly hidden behind the right arm. However, the distance from the bread bag ring and the mess kit is a bit longer and much more exposed. Again, a strap could be fashioned from epoxy putty without much trouble.

The MP40 needs to have a strap made to hang it from around the neck. The hood of the parka has two recesses molded in for the strap to help indicate the weight of the MP40. The strap could be made from lead foil and dressed up with a buckle from the spares box or made from brass wire.

The hat has 2 badges molded on the front to represent the eagle and skull and crossbones. Unfortunately, neither has any detail molded into them. Modelers will need to either paint or sculpt the appropriate detail on both.

For the most part, this is a well sculpted figure (especially the MP40). Its biggest flaw is the lack of any instructions. There was one small piece included with the figure that I was unable to determine what it was or where it went. A painting guide with alternate patterns or colors would be very helpful.

The sculpting of the face shows the figure with a full beard. While not impossible, Iím not a fan of this on WWII soldiers. My preference would have been for heavy stubble rather than a beard that would have been growing for at least a month or two. I would have to consider replacing the head myself.

While the fur lined hat is an interesting feature that I liked very much, I think that the addition of a helmet hanging from the belt would have been a nice touch.

The box art for this figure turned me off .I donít know if it was the painting of the face with its wild eyed stare, the shape of the mouth, or just the angle that the picture was taken from but I know that I would not have given this figure a second look based on the photograph used. With the assembled figure sitting in front of me as I type this, looking at it straight on and unpainted, I think it looks much more interesting.

This is a nicely sculpted figure in a very natural looking relaxed pose. Moderate experience will be helpful to correct a few problems with the figure.
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  Scale: 200mm
  Mfg. ID: WA 9066
  Suggested Retail: 69.98 USD
  PUBLISHED: Aug 06, 2006

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Good review. I'm a fan of Bill Chilstrom and I like this figure but I don't like the head. To me the longish hair and beard make it look a bit too modern. And the fur pile cap looks a little small also. Easy enough to swap I suppose.
AUG 14, 2006 - 06:58 PM
I too have been hesitant to purchase this figure because of the head sculpt. I am a big fan of Warriors 200mm figures but the last few they have produced I have not purchased. Thanks for the review Craig. It is good to see the components of the figure. Warriors has never provided any instructions with their kits and usually no more than one photo on the box cover. A photo of the rear of the figures is always a welcome addition in my opinion.
AUG 14, 2006 - 07:40 PM
Going on the review, it seems as if Warriors has taken a few shortcuts. Just giving blank spaces for the cap badges is ridiculous in this scale. Does Warriors have an AM set of badges in 200mm? Also, the beard looks terrible. Nothing like you'd expect on an SS trooper, even in 1945. Also, why does the box art show the fig in Heer splinter cam? Craig, the water bottle and mess tin are usually hung directly onto the breadbag links. No straps would really show. But I guess thats impossible given the recesses sculpted into the bag. Thanks for the review. I can't ID that part either. Not part of the MP40 slink link?
AUG 14, 2006 - 10:49 PM
David, Thanks for the correction on the camo and the way the canteen and mess kit are attached. I'm the first to admit that I'm no expert of German WWII equipment and uniforms. I looked through my reference material at home and through every possible combination of searches on line to try and figure those out with no luck. I do know about the 2 loops on the lower end of the bread bag flap but those didn't look practical to me for mounting items this heavy. Plus with those metal D rings right aboe them that looked the most practical way for them to be hung off the belt. About the uniform, I had another question that I wasn't able to answer. Every example of the parka he's wearing that I could find did not button all the way down the front. More like a pull over. If anyone has an answer for that one I'd appreciate hearing it. I could not for the life of me figure out what the little piece was for. I really wish Warriors would add something to help us out on their figures. Craig
AUG 15, 2006 - 12:05 AM
Vaguely recall that there were two types of parka -- a full button version and a hlf-pullover type thing. I think there was a discussion back on Armorama last year about it.
AUG 15, 2006 - 01:12 AM
There were two types of Parka, the full length opening was later and less common and was also produced as depicted on the box art in Italian camouflage material like this one on LINK
AUG 15, 2006 - 01:35 AM
Pat's right. My mistake. It looks like Italian cam.
AUG 15, 2006 - 01:56 AM
I think I've figured out what the unidentified part is. The canteen hangs from one of the D rings on the top of the bread bag by this clip I think that's what the missing part is you can see on this canteen on ebay
AUG 15, 2006 - 02:14 AM
The review is good written and thanks Craig for this. But except the head i also dont like the "empty" pose of the hands . if you observe people in real life ,there are pretty few times that we hang our hangs like that . i find the pose a bit ..uninteresting
AUG 15, 2006 - 09:23 AM

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    WA 9066: Mess-kit (Side)
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    WA 9066: Breadbag, Mess-kit, Water bottle (attached)